Cloud Hosting: The Latest Way Of Hosting


Cloud Hosting WaysCloud hosting is one of the very recent forms of hosting. This is the latest and most modern technique of hosting in the world. Within the last few years this latest concept of hosting has become quite popular in many parts of the globe. The popularity and use of this hosting is also growing everywhere. “Divide and Rule” is a concept which is popular and is in use for thousands of years. This same concept is used in cloud hosting. With the use of this concept the resources that are needed for the maintenance of a particular website are spread over many web servers. They are then rendered according to the requirements.

The Advantages of Cloud Hosting:

There are many advantages of cloud hosting. Some of these advantages are given below:

  • The greatest advantage of cloud hosting is that the chances of the downtimes during any kind of server malfunctions are greatly reduced.
  • Peak loads can also be managed effortlessly with the use of cloud hosting. This process avoids the chances of facing any bandwidth problems by using a different server to provide the extra resources.
  • The process of cloud hosting shares resources in order to reach economies and coherence of a scale that is similar to a utility over a particular network. This cloud hosting is somewhat the broader concept of shared services and converged infrastructures.
  • It is understood from the above mentioned advantage that the process of cloud hosting relies on maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources and converged infrastructures.

Cloud Hosting Example:

Cloud hosting does not depend on the use of just one server. It uses multiple web servers for its needs. Google itself is the best example of the latest technique of hosting, cloud hosting. It can be easily understood that the resources of Google are spread over many hundreds of web servers on the cloud. This is the reason why in the last few decades the king of search engines, Google, never faced any downtimes.

Process of Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting consists of different kinds of computing concepts involving a large number of computers all of which are connected via the internet or via any other real time communication network. Every server of a cloud works in carrying out different sets of tasks. And when a single server or more than one server fails to do its scheduled task or tasks, other servers work as backups in temporarily completing the required tasks. Also in situations of overboard tasks, extra servers serve as backups in order to complete the needed tasks in scheduled time. But when very low quality server hardware is used, the standard of performance becomes very low as well. Many do not consider such low quality servers as clouds.

Services of Cloud Hosting:

In the present times there are many types of cloud computing technologies along with many cloud hosting providers. These cloud hosting providers offer various cloud service platforms for cloud hosting services required in many categories. Cloud hosting is also sometimes termed as cloud computing. This latest and hottest trend of hosting is used to sell hosted services in the field of marketing. These hosted services include the application of service provisioning that work for client server software at a distant and remote location. Some of the popular services of cloud hosting are ‘IaaS’ (Infrastructure as a Service), ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service), ‘PaaS’ (Platform as a Service), ‘EaaS’ (Everything as a Service) and ‘HaaS’ (Hardware as a Service). End users can access the different cloud based services and cloud based applications through different web browsers. Different mobile apps or other light weight desktop apps can also be used by end users to the access of cloud hosted services and applications.

More information on cloud hosting and its uses can be found from various websites. Some of the websites from where useful information can be obtained are

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