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Does Technology Mix With Diamonds?


Diamonds have been used as icons of elegance, beauty and status for hundreds, and even thousands of years. Their primary use as ornaments has only slightly changed over the last decades, when many industries started to see the enormous potential they had thanks to their properties as one of the hardest substances on earth. However, diamonds are still used mainly as decorations or ornaments that can be found on websites. For example, you can search more info at and other websites with good information.

Have you ever thought about blinging your current mobile device? Incrusting diamonds to smartphones and tablet has been a trend of late. There are companies that will encrust diamonds to your favorite technological devices. Many celebrities and tycoons have taken interest in this. The company Camael Diamonds offers such services, and they have done so by selling $1.2 million diamond-encrusted iPads. The company calls it the world’s most expensive iPad, and it’s very hard not to see why. For those interested in knowing more details, if you want to bling your own iPad, you’ll need a little over a kilo of 18 carat gold and 300 carats worth of flawless diamonds. Black diamonds adorn the iconic home button and the Apple logo on the backside of the device.

The company has announced that they have sold a lot of their iPad encrusted devices ever since they first announced them two years ago. If the price tag for these dazzling iPad is a little too much for you, you can always opt for another version such as the gold-plated iPad for less than $150,000. That’s better!

Camael mentions that they are able to fully customize your smartphones and tablets in any way you’d like; if you’d like to choose other gems or metals instead of gold and diamonds, you are free to do so. This could be the smarter choice, as it would be terrible to accidentally grab someone else’s look-alike diamond-covered IPad at a Café and leave your pricy item behind! Camael says they are receiving lots of requests about iPad customization. Famous musicians and actors that love indulging in lavish expenses seem to enjoy taking their conventional technological devices over the top.

The Camael iPad wasn’t the first technological device that got blinged out to the max. The company had previously offered iPhones, gold-plated Kindles, and laptops bursting with precious gems. The company mentions that they will continue to offer diamond encrusting services until their customers stop asking for them (which apparently isn’t likely to happen anytime soon).

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