How to Engage Your Audience Through Social Media?


You must have heard that “Engaging” your audience is the most crucial thing when it comes to promotion. This term becomes more substantial when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Well, Social Media is the one platform where you will find every business trying to convert the views into a potential customer by trying different techniques.

There was this time when digital marketing was limited to creating websites and sending e-mails. But now, things are getting evolved and now everything regarding promotional content is circling around social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other websites.

Yet, the core question from where I started writing this post is still there…………How to engage your audience through social media???

Let’s address that and see what we can do to engage our beloved audience with our forthcoming brand (Optimistic!!!!!).

Here we go,

1. Find Out What Your Audience Want.

Now, after making a Facebook page, you will need to watch for the comments that you will receive. These comments are very crucial in knowing your audience. You need to see what they are saying via these comments and grasp exactly what they expect from you. Now, there are no hard and fast rules to get your audience engaged in the posts and pictures that you post on social media platform.

Here first you need to know exactly what your audience wants to see and then fulfilling that will be the best thing that you could do while promoting your business.

2. Start A Two-Way Communication By Asking Questions

What is the best way to start a conversation??? Well, that’s not a brainy question. We all know initializing a conversation may not be easy, yet with a question, many things can start and then things can get along.

Just like that, in social media platform, you must initiate the convo and ask your audience a question. That will initiate a conversation between you and your audience. Isn’t that exactly what you want!!!

3. Maintain The Zeal, Answer Their Question Too

Now, in some of the cases, I have seen that customer initiate the conversation by asking you something about you and your business. That is exactly the time where you can initiate the conversation by answering them relevantly and professionally.

In addition to that, you might also want to answer them while you initiated the conversation. This will help you to not just initiate the conversation but also to continue the convo to engage the audience successfully.

4. Empathize With Your Customer’s Criticism

I know, every criticism cannot be justified as a constructive criticism, yet, while you’re on business, you must have to take it like that. Most of the time you will face this that your customers or I rather prefer saying audience will criticize your brand. You need to hold yourself together and prove them that you will fix that and the concern will be resolved. Give a TAT (Turn Around Time) if you may prefer.

Whatever you do, don’t just get into something that will exaggerate your audience. Empathize and offer them a practical solution. Even, if you don’t have any, still try to empathize still.

Customers will always criticize and they will always complain. Each and every comment represents an opportunity, though–an opportunity to rectify the issue, and do it in front of everyone, publically. Or, at least, show some empathy.

5. Always Try To Be Easy To Find & Follow

How would you expect your audience to engage with you when they cannot find you!!!!! Exactly, that will be a problem if they have a hard time finding you. So, make your Social Media Profile icon easy to be found in the network.

I know that can be a Herculean task, but still, you can at least go for something not so generic and try to be unique (Of Course up to some extent). Also, you need to be catchy so that people would find you interesting to follow.

In terms of web design, do not make your follow option hidden in the oblivion. Make it easy for your visitor to find. That is only the case when they will love to follow you. So, don’t make it hard for them, make it easy peasy for them.

6. Create A Community By Promoting Other’s Content

Here I must say, promote others and others will promote you in return. Business is all about giving and take. This also follows up in the matter of promotional content. Promote the contents of other channels and do not think that promoting your competitor’s content will do you any harm. There is a good will that will come back to you. So, have some good faith and build a community.

7. Never Talk Like A Machine

Do you ever want to talk to a Robot who always whine about just one thing, “Buy Our Product”? Does that sound familiar?? Please Don’t say that it was you (Sarcasm!!!). So, be genuine in your voice and for god sake don’t just yank about your products and services.

Try to be a problem solver for your audience. You will see the result in time.

Winding It Up

So, these are the ways by which you can engage your audience and believe me, deeds will be done.

I hope you like my post. Please do share it to spread the word. Did I miss something? Leave a comment and let me know what I miss. Till then, Have a Good one mate.

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