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How Google Play Helps To Improve Android App Development?

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In a bid to stay ahead of its time, Google I/O introduced hoards of new upgrades for Android app developers,in its Developer Console. Updates are a great way for developers to know the performance of apps, in the Google Play Store.

Google seems to have released the updates for the following reasons, too.

  • Google is wanting to control the fragmented nature of its App ecosystem
  • Google wants to help its app developers create unique, user-centric and profit-generating apps
  • Google wishes to create a dynamic Google Play Store experience for its developers

Here are the new updates for android app developers to bank upon:

Android App Development1. Better Insights to Improve Business Performance

Google offers smart tools for Android developers to easily track their app performance.

  • Native Crash Reports
  • Better Stats for Beta Release & Rollouts
  • Massive Export Review
  • Intensive Revenue Stats

Native Crash Reports

If Android app developers like to build apps in their native codes, there is good news for you. Google has drastically improved the presentation and overall reporting of native crashes. The reports show summary of related data with improved grouping of similar native crashes.

Better Stats for Beta Release & Rollouts

Android app developers that release alpha and beta app version using beta testing; along with staged rollout for launching it, there is an interesting change. Google has improved the way statistics like alpha, beta and staged rollouts are presented. Now, developers can easily filter their app versions by alpha, beta or staged rollout to better gauge the direct impact of its testing.

Massive Export Review

Android app developers can quickly export app reviews, in bulk, to their Developer Console. This will allow developers to quickly address user concerns and analyze user behaviour and improve their app performance.

Intensive Revenue Stats

This new change allows app developers to view revenue statistics in their Developer Console’s finance section. This is great for an Android development company, as it can easily get the result for average revenue per paying user (ARPPU). The statistics helps to better analyze and compare buyer behaviour.

2. Boost App Engagement

Developer Console is now enabled with website verification. This way, Android apps can be better linked to its search results. Such linking let users know about other apps built by the developer. App Index API is now available to all Android app developers.

3. Get Valuable Insights

Android app developers have more to cheer. Google has implemented timely, actionable insights to help them, gain more form their app.

  • E-mail Notifications
  • New App Improvements

E-mail Notifications

Developer Console is now backed by important statistics such as crashes, ratings and app installs, available via e-mail notifications. App developers can easily turn on their e-mail notifications, via e-mail preferences option in the Developer Console. The functionality allows developers to stay updated and monitor changes in their app, at all times.

New App Improvements

Google will surprise you with its new and refreshing optimization tricks. Android app developers can any time check their Developer Console’s Optimization tips option to improve the quality of their apps.

What’s New?

These updates are surely for the ambitious Android app developers. Register a dynamic presence of your app in the Google Play Store. Whether you want to build a mind-blowing app for your user or simply offer an amazing experience. With so many updates, Google surely wants to up its game.

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