Why Android is the Most Suitable Platform for Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development

Mobile App DevelopmentAndroid dominates the smartphone market and its users are constantly growing. It provides rich features and powerful capabilities for app development. Developers can easily mold the platform to develop interactive mobile apps for various segments of the population.

Smartphones and computer tablets have become part and parcel of everyday life. All mobile users rely of their mobile devices to provide timely updates and carry them everywhere. A day without the mobile phone is considered to be dull and boring; such has become the importance of mobility.

Within the mobile arena, iOS and Android are the two most popular operating systems that compete with each other. Android lovers will remain faithful to Android for its various applications and the features it makes available. Android phones are available in different shapes, sizes, and prices too, which gives the users a great variety to choose from. Mobile app development is the in thing and Android app development is equally catching pace. This opens new opportunities for Android developers to build innovative apps for the users.

Top 5 Reason Why Android is Popular

  1. Android is the talk of the town and it is rich with a variety of interactive applications. It provides the best features and rich customization options for Android developers, making it the most preferred OS in the smartphone market.
  2. The most attractive part of this amazing platform is its open-source nature. Google makes its operating system freely available for third-party developers to build exciting new apps. Mobile app development companies are free to customize Android as per their requirements and deliver the best results to their clients. Samsung has made the most of this OS as all its smartphones are available in Android versions. Smartphone users await the launch of new Android smartphones to upgrade and purchase the latest one.
  3. Android is a preferred choice among business executives as well. There are plenty of business apps available on this platform, which enables to increase productivity and achieve the work goals. It has the best multitasking features, which makes it capable to run plenty of apps at the same time. It provides numerous capabilities for business professionals to conduct various business activities at one go.
  4. It provides the best user interface, enabling the users to have a great experience with their mobile phones. Android app development is a cost – effective strategy for building feature-rich apps to fulfill business requirements. Developers too enjoy working on this platform and build incredible apps for various industries to attract more clients.
  5. It is a stable and reliable operating system. It also provides complete security to your confidential information and apps, keeping it safe from falling into the wrong hands. It’s due to all these reasons that Android proves to be a successful operating system with unlimited user- base worldwide.
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