‘Green’ Gadgets for Businesses


Gadgets for BusinessesWe live in an age when businesses have to concern themselves with more than just profits and turnovers. These days, companies, regardless of size or output, have to demonstrate a willingness to be as ‘green’ as possible and give the planet a helping hand.

Recycling paper and office supplies, reducing electricity usage – they all contribute to the combined efforts to reduce your carbon footprint. But we were more interested in the gadgets out there that can help a business to be as green as possible.

Tablet Computers

Tablet computers, like the Apple iPad, are used more and more frequently in business environments. As well as being extremely versatile business tools, useful for organising schedules and appointments, setting up video conferences and meetings, as well as using FaceTime to communicate with contacts, the beauty of tablets is that they can be customised with apps to suit a business’s needs.

That includes apps that are designed to reduce a business’s energy consumption. Control4 create applications which turn smartphones and tablet computers, available to buy online from Viking, into remotes for electrical appliances. This is a fast and easy method of identifying where energy can be saved and reducing consumption.

Instant Kettle

Instant hot water taps, from specialists such as Quooker, are perfect for office environments when tea and coffee are in constant demand. Though the initial expenditure is a lot more than a bog standard kettle, this is a much more energy-efficient option. It’s also something of a money saver; Quooker boast on their website that using one of their taps means you can have instant hot water for just 3p a day.

Energy Saving Smart Strips

Many businesses use extension leads to plug multiple appliances into the one power source. That’s why changing which strip you use is such an easy, yet effective, way of reducing energy usage!

The Energy Saving Smart, manufactured by BITS, senses when devices such as printers and shredders aren’t being used and cuts out the power. This is great way of reducing those mammoth company electricity bills and making a company as green as possible.

Company Transport

It’s common for companies to have some form of transportation for employees to get to meetings and events. And while not every business has a big enough budget to upgrade the pool car to a state-of-the-art Toyota Prius, simple measures like encouraging people to use public transport sends a strong message about a business’s determination to be green.

When we’re talking gadgets, nothing beats the iconic folding bicycle created by British manufacturer, Brompton. The compact size of the bike when folded makes them a popular choice for office environments and they’re ideal for city cycling too.

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