How To Make It Interesting Brand New Conference Gadgets


Here are a few tools for Apple devices that will make presenting at a conference very easy. They also solve a lot of problems that hard-core conference presenters face. They are great gadgets for if you cannot afford to carry around projector, video cameras and the like. Some are also very good for making your conference more personal and inclusive. They are new gadgets too, so they will work with the most recent Apple devices.

Scosche Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

Scosche Wireless Bluetooth MicrophoneYou can create videos right there and then during your conference. You can record using your iPhone and use the microphone to narrate what is going on. You can give demonstrations of products, record what you are saying, and then play the video back so that you can freeze frame at certain points in the video.

You can use the microphone to narrate your video, because conferences can be quite noisy and you may have trouble making yourself heard if you just use your iPhone microphone.

Better still, you can have someone record your conference speech on his or her iPhone, with the microphone attached to you, so that only your voice may be heard over the chatter. The device works over 25 feet away too.

Verizon jetpack 4G MiFi

Verizon jetpack 4G MiFiWith this device, you can share the Internet connection of your device with the devices of other people at a conference. If you are holding a small conference then you could pass out mobile devices and have them connect to your website of choice. This will add a new twist and a personal angle to your presentation. It is also useful for if your conference is being hosted by more than one person, as you may all share the same Internet connection.

Shure Headphones

Shure HeadphonesThese are very good noise cancelling headphones, which are ideal if you have to hold a conference in a very noisy environment. You may even give the headphones to the people in your conference so that they can hear your voice only. This means that if you are doing something such as giving a conference tour of your factory, that the exterior noise will not interfere with what you are saying. Again, this adds a very personal and exclusive effect to your conference presentation.

Square Credit Card Reader

Square Credit Card ReaderThis is a tool that works with most Apple devices. If you host a very good conference then there is a chance that people are going to want to buy things from you right away. It is unlikely that you will have installed a hub and card terminal at your conference. But, it will not be a problem if you have this device, as you will be able to take payments quickly and easily.

Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic MouseThis is a mouse that has a built-in track pad. As you are giving presentations, you will often have to stop using a computer/laptop, and move away from it as you talk. This device saves valuable seconds, as it will stop you needing to find the mouse pointer every time you return to the computer.

13-inch MacBook Air

13-inch MacBook AirThis is ideal for running your presentations from. The thirteen-inch screen is perfect for presentations to a smaller group and will save you having to buy a projector. It has a 2.0GHz Intel Dual-Core Core i7 processor, which has a turbo boost function that goes up to 3.2GHz. It has a memory capacity of 8 GB for storing your presentations, and a Flash storage capacity of 512 GB. More importantly, it is light, durable, and the battery life is very good, which is ideal for conferences where you are not guaranteed a plug socket.

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