iOS 8 Users Experience Battery and Wi-Fi Issues

iOS 8 Battery Charging

Apple has long been known and respected for the ease with which they have rolled out updates and new versions of their popular iOS operating system. Being reported to be hitch free and simple to install, iOS8 was stated to be one of the easiest to install and best updates yet to the Apple created operating system. However, as the many problems that have been reported with the iPhone 6 and 6+ have grown since its launch, a slow trickle of complaints about the drainage of battery life and Wifi connectivity with older iPhone’s and iPad’s that have iOS8 updates installed.

iOS 8 Battery ChargingApple have so far remained silent about the reasons why the updated operating system is causing the slow Wifi performance and low battery life. Internet forums and customer support message boards have been filled with a torrent of Apple users complaining about the problems caused by the new update. Reports have stated Apple support services are blaming the types of app’s being used by iPad and iPhone users for the problems, which are caused by the combination of app’s, GPS services and Bluetooth connectivity for the slow performance and battery drainage.

Message boards around the world are filled with reports of annoyed Apple users being informed by Apple customer support to backup their apps and information from their iPhone or iPad before restoring to factory settings. Users have stated this is a short term fix, but that when the backed up apps and information is restored to the hardware the slow performance and battery life problems do return. Following any restore that takes place, returning Wifi and battery problems are being treated with users told to identify and turn off the apps or settings that cause the problems with battery drain and Wifi issues.

Apple have already prepared an update to the iOS8 operating system that will be released soon and has been leaked Online, although a variety of issues have been identified for the iOS8.0.1 update battery and Wifi issues are not mentioned specifically. Many older iPad and iPhone users are hoping the updated version of iOS8 will reduce any issues they are having with the reported battery and Wifi issues.

Until it can be determined whether the updated iOS8 system will address the battery and Wifi problems there are a number of fixes an older iPad and iPhone user can attempt to increase battery life and reduce Wifi problems. Many of the basic attempts at fixing these issues will be known to users of older Apple products, but may remove a large amount of the reasons why a user chooses an iPhone or iPad to begin with. Turning off Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G LTE services and auto parallax effects to reduce the drain on the battery.

The speed with which a battery can be can be charged can be increased with the use of an iPad charger over the usual iPhone charger and may increase battery life by a small amount. The only other options available to older iPad and iPhone users struggling since switching to iOS8 is to follow the basic steps mentioned by Apple customer support and take a look at the apps being used on a regular basis. Some apps do continue to run even when they are not being used, which can cause issues with battery life and Wifi, by turning off power draining apps battery life can be increased. However, the main way the problems with battery life and Wifi will be solved is through iOS8 updates that users hope will come thick and fast to solve these annoying problems.

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