How To Make your Google Mobile Search Results More Clickable?

Google Mobile Search Results

Advanced technologies and high performing mobile devices have led to high mobile viewership. 70% of the total worldwide searches are made using mobile devices, and it’s essential that your focus shifts on creating engaging and responsive content for your mobile devices too. After all, mobile-based optimizations help attain better performance output.

Strategizing to improve click-through-rate and making search snippets more clickable is essential for overall growth. Lets now discuss 13 necessary methods that you can use to make your Google mobile search results more clickable.

13 Ways To Make Your Google Mobile Search Results More Clickable

1. Creating The Title

The title is the first noticeable thing, and it is the clickable element in Google’s search snippet. A title redirects any viewer to the publishers’ website, so viewers get subconsciously tapped if the title is catchy and has the exact information on what they are looking for. Specific tactics can be used by publishers for optimizing their search snippets, which, if used strategically, can boost the organic reach.

2. Phrase your title with questions at the end

Question sets off viewers in search of answers and prompts them to look into the website in search of the right answer. It should be written in a way that your question format persuades your viewers to click.

3. Using Numbers

Using numbers might seem an old tactic, but it works well and starting your titles with phrases like “20 ways”, “50 things” or “30 tools”. It helps and gives you more website clicks igniting viewers’ curiosity to find all 20 ways to achieve a particular thing.

4. Keywords

Searchers type in keywords to get to a point from where they can find about different services, and adding those phrases is essential to get better search results. Searchers look for the exact terms in the title to what they have typed in the search box. Keyword planning, according to the search volume, is essential for optimizing titles.

5. Call To Action

Using persuasive words and phrases are more likely to get a click on your website. New, explore more, free services, learn more, etc. are examples of some powerful call to actions which should be added to the snippet title for better viewer response.

6. High-Quality Images

The mobile device’s SEO system gives more points to high-quality images, and so does the viewers. It’s almost mandatory to add in images if you want to grow your search visibility on mobile devices, and adding quality images is essential to influence the customers to get into your website and understand what you are offering.

The trick is to post images that match the searcher’s keyword and intent. For example, if you have a travel company and want to increase your search for the keyword “holiday packages for Amsterdam,” you need to post high-quality Amsterdam images, which indirectly gives them the reason to visit Amsterdam and why they should choose your travel company.

7. Optimizing Meta Description

The meta description is the narration available on the search snippet. A proper meta description should be able to answer the customer’s search query without actually going into your website. The title has limits, and you cannot add an explanation on the title, so viewers rely on and see the meta description to gauge in ideas of what is there on our website.

Attaching different keywords in the meta description can help you build your reach and encourage viewers to visit your site and know more about what you are offering. The average click-through-rate on Google AdWords is 2%, and anything above that is considered above average. Optimizing the keywords in the meta description will help your viewers identify your website purpose and would eventually increase your click-through-rate.

8. Ad Extension To Improve Visibility

Search engines like Google help increase your click-through rate. They get paid whenever somebody clicks on the ad, so they have launched some beneficial ad extension that would assist your visibility and click-through rates enhancement.

Smartly using ad extension can improve your visibility and enhance your snippet in a way that feels more informative and relevant to the visitors. Some types of ad extension which can amplify your click-through rates are-

9. Site-Link Extensions

These types of ad-extensions are the most frequently used ad extensions, which enable you to add a small summary of your website as a search snippet for the ad, which takes the users to your sites. These types of ad extensions can be used in any ad campaign, and advertisers can take benefits of customized snippets.

10. Call Extensions

Call extensions are best suitable for the organizations who have the bandwidth to handle an inundation of calls from customers regarding appointments, bookings, or queries.

Customers are using mobile devices as their source for searches. Giving them the option to call and know the details eases their efforts and increases your probability of conversion too.

11. Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured snippets let you create a detailed structure of your website layout. With different hyperlinks attached to the various titles and website URL, you can create a complete website summary within the search snippet.

Structured Snippet extensions look attractive to the visitors and ease their job as everything is available along with each page’s summary on the search snippet itself, and they no longer have to surf your website to get to the category they are looking for. This comfort eventually increases your website’s CTR on Google’s search engine.

12. App Extensions

App extensions work amazingly if you have a mobile app. They are “mobile-only” extensions and highlight your brand’s logo next to your search snippet. They have an “Install now” button as your call to action. These extensions are especially created to convince your audience to install your app, and since it is a mobile-only extension, it would be valuable for your mobile-based search engine marketing and for customers who are interested in your brand but don’t want to navigate and browse your website.

13. Put Your Main Keyword in the Snippet’s URL

Making your ads visually relevant is essential. If you put your main keyword in the URL, it increases the trust among the visitors and showcases your snippets as the most admissible. When viewers search and look at your snippet, it makes them feel that yours will be on the most informative website, which makes them click on your page, thereby increasing the CTR.

Click through-rates increases your website audience and eventually helps you reach new people. You must strategize to increase your click-through rates because even if you have a fantastic website it still needs visitors, which wouldn’t happen if you don’t work on your search snippet visibility and visual strategies.

Online media is all about hit and trial and managing the audience according to data-driven results. It’s essential that you analyze your traffic sources too, and study what options are working and whatnot. Creating and using different strategies for your click-through rates will give you good enough data from where you can reach a point of statistically proven results.

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