JS Ascension Joomla Template with K2 Component | Joomla K2 Template | 1.6 Template


JS Ascension Joomla Template one of best K2 Joomla template with 33 module positions. Ascension offers built-in CSS dropdown menu and 4 very nice themes to make this template your own.

JS Ascension Joomla K2 Template
JS Ascension Joomla K2 Template

Ascension Joomla Template Features:

  • 4 Color Starter Themes
  • Built-in CSS Dropdown Menu
  • Logo Source Artwork
  • Layered PNG Artwork
  • 33 Module Positions
  • Bloq Grid Layout
  • 1-3 Column Layouts
  • Collapsible Modules
  • Left or Right Sidebars
  • Unique Typography Styles
  • Heading & Body Font Switch
  • Modern CSS3 Techniques (graceful degradation)

To download or demo click here: JS Ascension Joomla Template.

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