Key Factors To Consider For Local And Global Ranking In Google

Global Ranking In Google

Global Ranking In GoogleWhether you target consumers locally or globally, you usually require a separate marketing strategy for each type of target market. Online marketing of any business is no exception but when it is about local or global ranking in search results then you have to apply search engine optimization strategies for your targeting consumers.

There are number of factors that can affect your ranking in search engine results. Here we will discuss some of the key factors for both local and global ranking in Google to consider.

Key Factors to Consider For Global Ranking in Google

There are majorly four key factors that you should consider for getting high global ranking in Google:

1. Top Level Domains

Google determine the geographic relevance of any site through its TLD i.e. top level domains. There are two types of TLDs: one is general TLD such as .com, .org, .net etc. and the other is ccTLD that refers to specific country such as for UK and .de for Germany etc. If you want to rank globally then it is better to obtain general TLD because it is not limited to any specific country. But if you think to target specific countries then you should try to obtain ccTLD. However some countries requires your presence to obtain ccTLD, so you have to make your budget for administrative cost like address of your company in those countries, register your business etc.

2. IP address

The other key factor that Google use to determine the geographic relevance of a site is its IP address. IP address of any site can be determined by the site hosting server. If you are building globally targeted site then you should host your site in multiple countries or globally. For this you might need to search for hosting providers.

3. Onsite Content

The most important factor to consider for global ranking in Google is onsite content. It is one of the important elements of search engine optimization. So if your site is targeting globally, then you should make optimize onsite content that is accepted internationally. You need to create a landing page in your site that provides page titles, page copy and Meta description in different languages.

4. Backlinks

No search engine optimization works for higher ranking until there is no backlinks for a site. The more backlinks you have for your site, the higher your site will rank in search results. Your site should have relevant sites backlinks. Besides this, your backlinks should also have targeted anchor text with relevant content.

Key Factors to Consider for Local Ranking in Google

There are majorly four key factors that you should consider for getting high local ranking in Google:

1. Engage Social Media

For local ranking in Google it is becoming more popular to get active on social media sites. It is considered as one the most important factor that affects the local ranking in search results. Google search algorithm always considers ‘social sharing’ of any site because this shows the importance of any business site in any social media platforms.

2. Take Benefit of Google+ Local

Google + Local is a local search display place that determines the rank of business sites locally in search results. The ranking of Google+ local depends upon the reviews of customers and presence of business site on Google+ which definitely means to interact with social media sites. If your site is ranking well for geo specific keywords in search engine results then it will be very much beneficial for local ranking in Google.

3. Build Authorship

The other important key factor that affects the local ranking of any site in Google is to build authorship. The effectiveness and quality of the content of any site can be easily increased if a person who has written it has Google Authorship. This is a way to have copyright of any content they make online by means of linking it with their Google+ profile through Google Authorship tag.

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