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Opera Browser – Something New to Say

Opera Browser
Opera Browser
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New Browser

Few days back, Opera announced its new browser and now the new version of the browser with speed dial and off road mode has revised. Speed Dial quick tabs can be used same like Google Chrome and any explorer. In some browsers, you have limited speed tabs appearing on a single screen as in Google Chrome you will get eight tabs but if you have more tabs it will help.

Create New Tabs

How Opera Next will help you in this regard? Opera Next helps you to create tabs by just dragging and dropping tabs on one another at the home screen. It is quite similar to folders being created at iPhone. Another feature is ‘Discover’ which helps users to stay updated for latest news whenever they open a new window in their browsers and for this, it will ask you interest area and will keep you informed about news of that area of interest.

Stash Feature

Appearing of two tabs side by side problem can be solved by using stash feature which will help to resize tabs in the same window instead of resizing separate windows to have a look into the displayed information. Another best feature of this new Opera Next browser is Off Road mode along with new download manager for downloading of music videos and films which are your favorite and you want to keep them. Off Road mode is an inbuilt feature of a browser through which you can mark any webpage to read that particular page later as it will get saved on your computer or laptop even if you are not connected to internet.

Better Content Downloading

Opera Next browser has nothing that much of a new but the experience it allows is no doubt wonderful. Those who are addicted to it cannot get accustomed towards any other browser. Opera new features will help in better downloading of the content. If you love stay informed about political, cultural, economic, sports or any area of curiosity then it is better handled by its news feed feature ‘Discover’.


All in all, you must give it a try in case you are wondering or relying specifically on these discussed factors. News, songs, videos, films, series; all is here to be displayed just in front of you at a click’s away. Browse by setting your priorities at the browser. Usually you place your windows side by side for reading or comparing content but it provides you with the option of stash in which you can do it in a single window.

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