Pinterest For Your Landscaping Company: 5 Cutting-Edge Ideas


Pinterest IdeasPinterest is a new, quickly expanding social media outlet that many companies have yet to embrace. However, statistics show that running a successful Pinterest account for your company can increase website traffic and therefore sales by a significant amount. There are many advantages to using Pinterest compared to other social media sites, although an active presence on all of them is ideal; Pinterest posts last much longer than twitter and facebook posts, and users spend more amounts of time on Pinterest than linkedin or twitter. With higher chances of exposure, a Pinterest page is a must-have for landscaping companies. Here are some quick tips to getting that follower count up and creating a positive experience while on the site.

Be a Resource

Don’t just blatantly sell your products and services. Provide information and expertise in your pins (you can make them relevant to what you’re selling). For example, you could make boards on landscaping tips, the coolest gardens, DIY projects, maintenance advice, etc. This makes followers and viewers of your boards more likely to want to repin and share your pin with their followers and friends, thus spreading your name and company. When pinning a picture or article, post it on your website first and then pin it from there onto your pinterest boards. This creates more links back to your site, increasing its strength and authority.


Turn the content that you have into infographics that are pleasing to the eye. With attractive and eye catching posts, you reduce the chances that your pins will be scrolled past on the walls of your followers. Make sure that your posts are not too small or too long. Infographics are also more likely to be actually read, compared to text posts, and can many times be easier to understand. Both of these qualities make them the ideal pin, and if the content piques the interest of the reader, it can highly increase the clicks and traffic flow to your site.

Be Kind

Currently, Pinterest is one of the nicest places on the internet. Compared to facebook and twitter, the percentage of negative comments and messages on Pinterest is significantly lower. So, to make a good impression, it’s not enough to be decent; you must be kind and honorable. Follow others, make friends, reply to questions, thank repinners, be courteous, and it will take you a long way.

Be a Person, not a Brand

Pinterest currently has no way of distinguishing people from brands. You will be more successful if you approach the Pinterest project as a more personable and friendly user rather than a rigid, professional brand.

Customer Boards

Like being kind, customer boards involves friendly interaction between your company and its clients/potential clients. Create a board just to showcase your customers. You can describe their project and include a picture or even a video, perhaps showing a before and after view of the landscaping. If they are willing to contribute, you can add in a personal testimonial. This creates an incentive for potential customers (“I can be famous on their official Pinterest board!”) and a reward for past customers (“Wow, they really cared about my project!”). Additionally, this generates an aura of credibility and accountability around your company.

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