The Microsoft SQL Server : A Brief Description

Brad Anderson TechEd Europe Berlin 2010

Microsoft SQL ServerIn general, SQL server applications are used as the back-end when developers are designing software and applications. SQL servers are used in in-tier application models and architectures because it improves the execution and increases the scalability of the application. SQL servers are database systems that contain records and information within tables here different computations and operations are performed. There are many SQL server applications out in the market which includes Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle and Sybase. As any buyer would experience, there are many SQL platforms to choose from and deciding which application to choose that will fit and satisfy the requirements of an organization or enterprise. Installation, stability, performance, cost of setup, maintenance and licensing are also some of the important factors to consider in choosing the right platform especially if it will be applied on a large organization or enterprise level implementation.

The Microsoft SQL server remains one of the most popular platforms in the market today. SQL server 2005 was released in October of 2005. It included native support for managing XML data and rational data. This version introduced the multiple active results and  dynamic management views. The SQL server 2008 was released in August of 208. It was designed and developed to be to be self tuning, self maintaining and self organizing regarding data management and to achieve zero downtime. This version also supports unstructured and structured data such as pictures, videos, audio and photos. SQL server 2012 was released in March of 2012. Enhancements on this version includes, metadata recovery and discovery, THROW statements and column store indexes.

Brad Anderson TechEd Europe Berlin 2010Microsoft SQL server 2014 was announced during the Microsoft TechEd 2013. The new release is designed and developed with cloud principles. The new release was based on the success and the momentum of the SQL 2012. The version delivers:

  • Faster insights and data with complete business intelligence solution. It delivers an in depth BI solution that is simplified to gain access to all data types big and small. It also accelerates insights with the new in-memory capabilities with faster performing platform across all workloads.
  • Mission control performance across all database workloads like online transaction processing, BI and warehousing of data with enhanced scale and availability for any mission critical applications. The new in memory OLTP is built into the core SQL server. It is most unique and flexible to work  traditional SQL server tables. It allows the developer to improve the performance of the database applications without  refreshing the existing hardware.
  • Platform for hybrid cloud. It enables an organization to easily build, manage and deploy database solutions to spans on clouds. It creates a strong platform where cloud scales can be leveraged. This in turn extends the scalability and availability of on premises database applications. It also reduces the cost of it.

This new version will bring and introduce new capabilities that will give users value for money. It will help open the real time insights with cloud  and mission critical performance together with one of the most comprehensive and in depth business intelligence solution in the market this year.

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