The Past, Present and Future of eBooks


ebook readerFinding your favorite books has never been easier thanks to new technology. New and old books alike can be found online in the form of eBooks. These books are designed to be read online, either on your computer or tablet, and can be taken anywhere without the bulk. Some are even formatted for your phone. One of the best things about these books, other than their ability to go anywhere, is the cost. Many are low to no cost, which means you can generally get more eBooks for the price of one or two paper or hardback books.

The Rise Of The eBook

eBooks first came out in 1949 in the form of a textbook by Spanish teacher Angela Ruiz. Since then they have enjoyed quite the roller-coaster ride as technology developed. In the 1960s data from computers, articles, and other books was compiled in what is now known as an electronic book, but that actual term was not coined until the 1980s, when it was so popular it didn’t need much explanation. In the 1990s the first eBook came out on disc and could be listened to, and in 2005 tablets and eReaders were made to specifically read books on and nothing more. Now, these reading devices act like small computers that can connect to the Internet, display email, and hold your whole library at the touch of a hand.

Popular Books Find New Life

In 2012, one book was on everyone’s lips and must-read lists. “Fifty Shades of Grey” had women all over the world scrambling to get a copy, and bookstores were left with long wait lines. Some women gave up waiting and took their names off the wait list, but when the Fifty Shades of Grey eBook made an appearance, the book found new life and people found a new benefit to eReaders. Some women were ashamed by the content of the book and wouldn’t read it in front of people. While eReaders and eBooks do display images, they do not have to show those images to the world. Women were now free to read this racy book in front of people without anyone knowing what they were reading thanks to eReaders keeping the images private.

The Future Of eBooks

Many have said that eBooks will be the end to libraries and hand-held books, but bookstores are seeing just as many patrons as before. Some bookstores and libraries have even given into the eReader craze and offer them for purchase or allow people to borrow books from the library for their eReader devices. The issue is that there are so many types of devices it’s hard to keep formats that fit them all. The future of eBooks is not clear, but it is proving to be a trend that’s not going away.
eBooks and technology have come a long way together and they have finally found a happy medium in which to both exist. eBooks offer affordable, discreet reading options for people of all walks of life. Now, interactive books are even engaging young readers. With just a touch of a button people can be transported to another land in a handheld device.

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