Top 7 Video Conferencing Software 2014

CamFrog Video Call Software

Video conferencing is a communication technology that allows two or more individuals at different locations to communicate through simultaneous two way audio and video transmission. This technology is also referred to as Visual collaboration and is a groupware. For this technology, software is required and is known as video conferencing software. The video conferencing software initiates and conducts live conferencing between two or more individuals by using Internet Protocol network to transmit video, audio as well as text data.

IP Video conferencing is used by many business organizations to stay connected to employees as well as global partners and clients. There are many video conferencing software which enables sharing of files. Some of the top video conferencing software is described below:

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Video SoftwareGoogle Hangouts is video conferencing software developed by Google. This software is designed for a purpose of instant messaging and video chatting facility. Google Hangouts is considered to be the future of telephony system. Google Hangouts is compatible on Windows computers, Apple devices as well as Android devices. Using Google Hangouts on a PC, one can just type a number and start communicating with another. It is also possible to add more number of people and start conference calls. This is basically a unified communication service which is free of cost. This video conferencing software utilized sophisticated technology and can be a handy tool for enterprise customers.

2. Skype

Skype Video Call SoftwareSkype is a video conferencing software program, which is used to make free voice and video calls over Internet with those who are using the same software in a different location. This is a VoIP service and instant messaging which is managed by Microsoft. This video conferencing service allows the user to communicate with peers by voice with a microphone and video with a webcam. Phone calls can also be made to the recipients of traditional telephone network but some costs are incurred in that. Unlike other VoIP services, Skype is a hybrid client-server and peer to peer system. It uses the background process of computers which are running this software. Skype software is also compatible with iOS, android and BlackBerry 10 operating system.

3. FaceTime

FaceTime Video Call SoftwareFaceTime is video conferencing software, which makes it possible for user to conduct one on one video call between Apple users. This FaceTime service is free of cost but requires an Apple ID. FaceTime calls can be made from supported devices to those email address or phone number which are registered under FaceTime service. Another interesting think is that a single email id can be registered to multiple calling devices.

4. CamFrog

CamFrog Video Call SoftwareCamFrog is a simple video conferencing software program, which allows one-on-one conferencing facility, as well as group conferencing when connected with a CamFrog server video chat room. CamFrog software is also equipped with live directory of users, a contact list, status notification, live video chat room directory and instant messaging features. There are two versions of CamFrog software, one is the free version and the other is a paid version. The paid version has more features including ability to view several videos simultaneously, locate other user and many more.

5. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings Video CallCisco WebEx meetings are video conferencing software which lets one to meet with another from any location in real time. This software combines desktop sharing over a web browser to phone conferencing so that everyone can see the same thing while talking. This software is specially designed to help online meetings and can also achieve greater utility and interactivity for all the participants of the meeting.

6. Jitsi

Jitsi Video Call SoftwareJitsi is video conferencing application, which allows an individual to make voice as well as video calls, sharing of desktops and exchanging files and messages. This software is supported by Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS X and FreeBSD. Jitsi is an open source and free software.

7. OoVoo

OoVoo Video Conversation SoftwareooVoo is a video calling application which allows the registered user to communicate through voice call, video call and instant messaging. This software enables high quality video and audio calls and can be connected up to 12 locations. OoVoo can work in Windows, Mac OS X, iOS as well as Android operating devices.

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