The Top Gadgets For Use Around Your Pool


Gadgets PoolThe best part of having a swimming pool when you’re on holiday is not necessarily the fact that you can go swimming or that you can relax on lilos and other floats. In general, the biggest benefits of swimming pools are not usually about the pools themselves – most of your time will instead be spent sitting around them which can be highly relaxing (and it’s great for keeping an eye on your kids while getting some much-needed ‘you’ time).

If you have a pool at home then, why not turn it into a place to sit as well as a place to sit? You might not think that it’s terribly practical or terribly interesting, but with the right gadgets and gizmos you can transform it into an experience that’s almost as good as being on holiday. That’s the wonder of technology for you…


EcoterraThe first thing you’ll want while you’re relaxing around the pool at home is some music to really bring that holiday vibe to your home. Of course you can’t just set up a regular CD player as it’s likely to get wet and will certainly get knocked around.

This is where Ecoterra comes in – a waterproof boom box that you can stand on the side or even float inside the pool with 2lbs of cargo. That means it can be playing tunes on your iPhone, and even be used as a way to pass items to your kids in the pool.

Audio Spotlight

Audio SpotlightOn the other hand though, if you really want to blast out some music for a pool party without disturbing the neighbours then you could look into ‘Audio Spotlight’. These are speakers that provide incredibly ‘directional’ sound meaning that you can only hear them well when you stand in front of them. You can have a mega-loud pool party, or just blast out some tunes while you relax on a lounger, but your neighbours and even your partner in the other room won’t be able to hear!

The Nexus Z Tablet

The Nexus Z TabletOn holiday you’d probably be reading on a Kindle, but when you get home you won’t have any issue with glare so there are better devices for reading and entertaining yourself – such as a Nexus Z Tablet which will allow you to browse the web, play games, watch Netflix and read books and (colour) magazines while you’re around the pool.

Why the Nexus Z over the many other 10” tablets on the market? Well for one it’s an incredibly light tablet which is great for holding in one hand with no sweat, and at the same time it’s also water proof meaning that if some water should get splashed up onto it it will still work just fine. In fact, you can even have a sit in the hot tub and read it in one hand at the same time. It’s not highly water proof though, so I wouldn’t recommend taking it to the bottom of the pool and leaving it there necessarily…

Retractable Roof

Retractable RoofIf your pool is inside then you’re not going to get to enjoy the amazing feeling of closing your eyes and having the sun beam down on them while your children play. This is a shame, which is why installing a retractable roof might just be the ideal installation for your home. That way you can enjoy soaking up rays but also not worry about everything getting soaked when it rains.

Sky Factory eScape

Sky Factory eScapeAlternatively if you want to create the feeling of being outside in the sun without actually having to expose yourself to the elements, then you could also try using the Sky Factory eScape – a digital frame that attaches to your wall or ceiling and creates the illusion of any view you want. Want to sit by the pool and look outside to see a sunny beach? The eScape can do that for you!

Infrared Sauna

Infrared SaunaWant to relax and warm yourself but not in the mood to get wet? Then how about installing an infrared sauna in the same area as your pool? These are surprisingly affordable and easy to set up and maintain, and they’re brilliant for giving you the full spa experience in your own home.

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