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Using 3D Printing to Display Your Products


3D Printing for Your Business Showroom

One of the latest technological developments, the 3D printer, can now do wonders for the commercial entrepreneur wishing to show off their products and services. If you have a showroom, you will do well to think about this latest print offering when forming any items which are on display there. This service can produce detailed, functional objects which can be used in the following ways to promote your business.

Working Prototypes

Regardless of what products you are selling, it’s important to realise that new lines and models come out all of the time. Because of this, it will be handy to have a functional prototype in your showroom ahead of launch so that new customer can see what you have to offer in the coming weeks or months.

With 3D printing, you can create a prototype which looks and operates exactly the same as your upcoming products, giving interested parties the chance to test it out before release. This will have a far greater effect than simply displaying blueprints and artist’s renditions because they can be touched and used within the showroom environment.

Reference Models

3D printing can also be used to produce detailed models of the different items you currently stock. Let’s say that you have a wide selection of products on offer in a particular line. A local 3D print company can create a full range of models (either to-scale or shrunk down) which show off the diversity that you offer.

These can give visitors a good idea of what you can provide them with. Instead of asking guests to flip through a catalogue, why not let them handle the real thing instead? These reference models let customers view your products from a variety of angles and get a better idea of which will be most suitable for their needs.

Detailed Displays

If you are offering any type of service, 3D printing can still help. Ordering some scale-model displays can show off your talents and give customers a better chance to see how you can assist them. For instance, your models can:

  • Illustrate your creativity
  • Go through a process
  • Demonstrate a procedure

With a little ingenuity, you can print out almost any setting which is relevant to the services you provide. In this way, you can design your showroom with a number of displays that reveal how you can improve your customers’ lives. This is a better way of promoting your services than merely describing them through words and images in a brochure, leaflet or video.

Bespoke Parts

Lastly, you can utilise a 3D printing service to demonstrate how you can customise your existing products to better suit the consumer. For instance, you can display a few examples in your showroom which illustrate:

  • The different colours you offer
  • Customised shapes and designs
  • Bespoke features for specific uses

Think about what a customer is likely to ask of you and then order a similar piece from a local 3D printing specialist. By pre-empting what the public may request in the future and displaying this in your showroom, you are then giving visitors some very good examples of how flexible you are. You can easily demonstrate to them how you can modify your selection of products to suit their specific needs on demand.

All of these uses show why 3D printing is so essential for the business owner who wants to stay ahead of the curve. If you wish to fill up your showroom with detailed displays highlighting your products and services, getting in touch with a local 3D printer is highly recommended regardless of what industry you are in.

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