What Colors To Use On A Business WordPress Theme

Business Wordpress Theme

Business WordPress ThemeWhen building your business website, the design has to be not only eye catching but also easy for your viewers to comprehend and understand. A lot of people focus on the content of a website and leave behind the design, which is probably not the right way to go. Choosing a good design and a color scheme is really important for any website because the colors you choose convey a message to your customers directly.

Colors can have a subliminal effect on the subconscious mind, this is why it can help you create a better business image. Learning to understand how different colors affect people and culture can really put you ahead of the competition. It also gives your website clarity, simplicity and the power to change leads into sales immediately. Here is a quick list of colors that you can use on your business WordPress theme:

  • Green – Best for nature websites because the color itself reflects nature.
  • Blue – Blue is the most used business website color because it conveys the message of trustworthiness and honesty.
  • Red – Red color is best for entertainment based business websites because it quickly grabs the attention of the user.
  • Yellow – A great color for food websites or any website that deals in exotic products.
  • Pink – An amazing choice of color for dating websites or any website that deals with women. Pink immediately sends a message of understanding, romance and love.
  • Magenta – Best used for spiritual websites because of its nature to send compassion towards the visitors
  • White – An excellent choice of color for anyone who wants to keep their business website on neutral grounds. It is clean and easy on the eyes almost always.
  • Gray – Another easy and clean color on the eye. Can be used together with white to form a very clear and natural website
  • Black – Black is best used for websites that deal in powerful products or services. This color is extremely popular with music bands and hypnotists. Black immediately spreads power and authority amongst users
  • Purple –  A great color for design studios because it immediately sends the message of creativity
  • Indigo – A great color to win the trust of your customers. Indigo is all about sincerity
  • Brown – A friendly color that can be used for nearly all sorts of websites. Best used for home furniture or anything to do with homes and buildings
  • Silver – Much similar to gray and white, silver keeps a website clean and easy to understand
  • Orange – An excellent color to use on food sites. Orange is exquisite and cheerful on the eyes.

Colors can really bring out the meaning for your business. It is important that you understand your target market before you select a color scheme for your business WordPress theme. For example, if you are building a website that will be visited by children, you should make sure to use colors that are bright and cheerful. Yellow and orange are both bright and cheerful and should be great to go with your website. Similarly, understanding your audience with other websites can really help you choose the right color for your website.

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