What Data Enrichment Services Are and Why They Matter

Data Enrichment Services

The information on leads received from email hunter tools doesn’t usually have enough details. A suitable term for this is “low quality” in which the only available information would be a name, email and probably the age that is insufficient to begin a targeted marketing campaign with the objective of converting leads into buyers. Data can also become obsolete and even have misleading information about the leads. So you need to know what data enrichment services are, why they matter, and what makes them a key new strategy in enhancing the business value of the generated lead data.

Why do we choose data enrichment and what makes it so significant?

What is data enrichment?

Data enrichment involves cleaning and improving the value of raw leads for future use. A typical enrichment process deals with making corrections to spelling errors and typos in your record. It also includes eliminating useless, repeated, and obsolete information.

In most cases, there is either insufficient or inadequate information in your lead data found with an email hunter. Data enrichment provides the ability to fill the voids in your records such as attaching the name and geographical location of the email in your database. Data tables can also be generated using a few details described below.

Demographics: income, gender, age, and education

Behavior: method of communication and desired purchases.

In summary, data enrichment means complete improvement and cleanup of raw data to generate a solid database filled with high-quality leads.


Data enrichment focuses on three major objectives that recognize counterfeit lead data, developing demographics (focused on your sector, income, and purchases), and generating data tables that contain certain information about your targeted leads.

Listed below are the main objectives of data enrichment.

Maximize web conversion rates

Many web platforms usually have several input fields in their forms for collecting additional information on their leads. This process has effects on the rate of conversion and restricts access to more content. Data enrichment will enable you to limit the number of fields to only the important ones. This will increase accessibility and conversion rate.


Marketing today has moved its attention from promoting in mass to developing a more one-on-one approach to customers. This method, however, will require the additional personal information to make the communication path with the lead a success. Enriched data on leads is a vital part when launching an outreach campaign and focusing on targeted leads.

Lead prioritization

Lead prioritization and designating values need additional personal data to recognize the leads with more probability of becoming a customer. Enriched data provide deeper information on your leads. It provides adequate analysis needed to identify the possibility that someone will end up being a customer. This data comes with business size, behavioral data, and location. In general, a huge amount of enriched data will also enable appropriate lead scoring.

Customer experience

Enriched data provides additional information to the needs of your customer which will enable a more strategic and targeted campaign. Customer experience is important in enabling your customers to rely entirely on your company. Being able to generate a compiled data is one thing but the most important thing is to be able to distinguish the key information. Having access to the latest information is beneficial in developing a profitable relationship with your customers.

Improved sectioning

A vital step to creating a suitable customer database is through data sectioning especially when handling big data. Enriched data on leads makes it possible to categorize your customers using criteria such as behavior, firmographics, and demographics.

Developing sections will improve your ability to target and determine the needs of your customers.

Beneficial tools for data enrichment

Effective tools are required to achieve the objectives of data enrichment. There are various services that help you enrich the source of your leads but we will only focus on a multipurpose platform that offers comprehensive data enhancement tools. It is a combination of many third-party services that are joined into one secure and powerful system that will provide extensive data enrichment.

Searching and validating emails

Searching and validating emailsLeads can also be enriched by attaching a valid email except when tools are utilized for searching and validating emails. A few Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions can help achieve this. Unfortunately, most platforms don’t offer both services within the same platform. This is where comes in, a multipurpose platform for efficient email lead enrichment.

This platform provides several services with one of the features of data enrichment. For this, you need an email checker to verify emails. Upload a list of email addresses to your account, click the necessary button, and you will get not only a list of enriched email addresses but verified, too. The procedure will clean your email list and expel invalid and deserted email addresses.

You can easily import and validate an existing file on the account page of the platform. You can also export to your desired file formats such as Excel, CSV or Google Sheet. This service is also accessible as the Chrome extension which is available on the Chrome Webstore so their email verifier is always at hand. The extension window also provides the ability to find, generate, and validate data. Browse the web and generate leads on-the-go.


Transform your marketing strategy and obtain the best outcomes in implementing data enrichment tools. Enriched data can help you select the most ideal leads and obtain the following:

  • Improve your landing page conversion rate
  • Increase the sales of your products
  • Prioritize your leads
  • Construct a one-on-one approach with your leads
  • Section your data
  • Leads have less impact if what you have is an only email address. Data enrichment is critical for a successful business as you can implement a highly personalized approach.
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