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What Has Caused The Sharp Increase In Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones Users

Mobile Phones UsersMobile phones, especially smart phones have risen to prominence massively over the past 5 years. The rise of cheaper Blackberry’s and more importantly the iPhone has resulted in an unprecedented increase in the physical number of phones on the market.

They are quite brilliant little creations and with the increased capabilities of these phones the attraction of them to businesses and large corporations is vast. They are (due to contracts) much cheaper and often you don’t even have to pay for the phone itself.

Mobile phones are only a recent phenomenon and this article will highlight what has caused such a marked rise in their importance to the lives of everyone that owns them and where this market will end up in the future.

The rise of Social Networking

The correlation between with the rise of Facebook and Twitter with Mobile phones must be very strong. Smart phones and the apps held within them are use in the majority to check Facebook and Twitter. There has been a rise in companies such as “Made with Marmalade” that develop software solely for smart phones and this trend is sure to continue.

The market for smart phones is saturated and the dominance of the iPhone is strong despite the best efforts of Blackberry and Samsung. If social networking continues then the rise in Mobile technology will certainly grow also, you can do almost anything on your phone nowadays already.

The screens are crystal clear and the video and camera technology within is incredible. Times certainly have changed from the brick like phones of the earl 1990’s.

Big Business and Emails

The importance of mobile phones in the city for big business cannot be overstated. High flyers are permanently on their phones whether it be emailing, checking the latest share prices or instant messaging a colleague the dependence on their mobile is strong.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing its just natural, in the internet age we live in access to it needs to be instant and constant – that’s where phones come in. These brilliant, multi-purpose things can literally do anything and this fact is been wholly exploited by businesses throughout the world and rightly so.


The things are so incredibly cheap! Mobile phone companies have realized that the way to make their money is through contracting people to a tariff for 2 years and then making up the cost of the phone that way. People don’t realize that these things cost peanuts to make so the profit margin for the company is vast. It’s a sort of win, win situation you get the brilliant phone and they get £30 a month from you.

The amount you can do on smart phones is enough to warrant the cost without doubt.You can do your shopping, your banking, and your gambling (if you are that way inclined), book your plane tickets – literally anything.

Moreover, the competition amongst you and your friends as to who has the latest model and what brand makes it fun to keep up with and if you aren’t paying for the phone itself then why not.

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