WordPress is Best Open Source CMS!


WordPressIf you are not yet familiar with the world of creating blogs and websites, you may not know what WordPress is and how it is used. WordPress is a web design platform that allows a user to easily create a website or blog. Millions of sites are powered by WordPress, which is an open source CMS or content management system. It was created in 2003 and was once used just for creating blogs. WordPress can now create any type of website a user desires. Plugins create the ability to add even more functionality and features to the WordPress dashboard. The options a user has at their disposal are truly limitless with WordPress.


Search engines have always held WordPress sites in high regard thanks to its very well written coding. Almost any Internet marketer will recommend that anyone with an online business needs to at least have an active WordPress blog. Active blogs make your site rank higher in search engine results, which increases the chances that customers will find your website and learn about your business. As stated before, WordPress is an open source platform. The term open source means that the code that operates WordPress is open to the public. This allows users to customize their WordPress installation to perfectly fit their needs. Plugins and themes created for WordPress are also open source, so they can be customized and edited as the user sees necessary. These features mean ultimate flexibility and versatility.

User Friendly:

If you are new to creating websites, WordPress is very user friendly and it is not hard to learn how to build a website using the program. Everything on the dashboard makes sense and is easy to find. In the event you can’t figure something out for yourself, there is a thriving and active WordPress forum full of people who are able to help you get started. There is also tons of information, guides, articles and sites out there full of reading material that will teach you how to do anything you can think of using WordPress from installation to editing themes or plugins. Compared to the other CMS platforms that are out there, WordPress is the easiest and most straightforward platform to use.


Experienced web designers love WordPress for the ability to optimize it for search engines so easily. The clean code of a WordPress site already is a positive with search engines, but other features such as permalinks, built-in pinger, and endless selection of SEO plugins make the platform even more attractive for both search engines and webmasters looking to draw traffic.

Themes & Plugins:

Speaking of plugins, you can add basically any kind of function to your website that you like using a free themes and plugin. No matter if you want to add a contact form, poll, video player, advertisements, or anything else to your site, all you have to do is search for a plugin that will do it for you. Most plugins only need you to input a little bit of information to get them up and running. If there is a function you want to have on your website that you cannot find a WordPress plugin for, it’s not worth adding to your site. You will also see endless free themes with responsive design.

There are lots of CMS platforms out there for designing websites, but WordPress is the only one that is free, easy to use, endlessly versatile, has massive online support and can create any type of site a website owner can think of. With millions of websites and blogs already being powered by WordPress, one can only expect that the number will grow higher and higher with time. Thousands of new users are creating WordPress sites every day.

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