3 Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses


If you are here today, you definitely know that Email Marketing is the king and is here to stay!

In fact, Email Marketing is one of the best strategies to get a good return on your investment. According to research, the ROI for Email Marketing is as high as 4400%, which means that you get 44$ back for every dollar that you really spend.

Isn’t that fabulous?

As effective as this strategy is, it is equally time-consuming. Building the right lists, segmenting them, and sending bulk emails with often personalized messages takes up a lot of time and is not an easy task either!

– This is where Marketing Software comes in to rescue you from overburdening yourself. Such software helps you in automating your email marketing process and actually gives you more time to focus on things that really matter and make a huge difference.

However, with loads of email marketing software available in the market and claiming to be the best, how do you plan on differentiating the effective ones from the pool?

You can’t!

So, in this blog today, we have created a list of the best Email marketing software that might suit your business needs just right.

Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

1. PeppyBiz

PeppyBiz is a great email marketing tool and just the right fit for you if you happen to own a small business and aim to build relationships with your customers. This tool has unmatchable multi-faceted features that can really bring out the results you are aiming for, through your marketing campaigns.

Let us look at some of the features of this tool that would help you in your business.

  • Being a small business owner, you have to have an effective strategy for your email marketing campaigns. PeppyBiz provides you with dynamic tools that enhance your strategies and engage with your customers on a different level altogether.
  • Analysis is an important aspect of a growing business and PeppyBiz provides you with an in-depth analytical analysis of your email marketing efforts. From Open rates to conversion rates, this tool lays it all out for you in the simplest manner.
  • PeppyBiz helps your business by having a targeted email campaign, with your email newsletters and broadcast needs, setting up sequential responders and automating your process too.
  • Personalization is the need of the hour for getting your subscriber’s attention. PeppyBiz enhances your user’s experience by using personalization in your emails with dynamic images, videos, subscriber’s names in the emails, etc.
  • Being a small business owner, you already have enough work and PeppyBiz takes away your burden of designing your emails by providing you with customizable templates to delight your subscribers.
  • This software will also let you integrate with other essential tools that will help your business grow.

All in all, PeppyBiz is a great option that is affordable for a small business’s needs as it provides all the advanced features a business might need for their email marketing strategies. It takes care of your email marketing efforts from the beginning till the end, only aiming to get more conversions for you and building relations with your clients.

This should definitely be considered as your go-to option if you have a small business and are aiming to either expand, grow, or build loyal customers for your brand.

2. Active Campaign

Active Campaign has proved itself to be in this list today and has built a client base of more than 90,000 small business owners now.

  • It is widely popular amongst marketers for its ‘easy to use’ features and its ‘affordable pricing structure’.
  • One of its best features that sets it apart is the visual automation builder, which does not require you to invest heavily in consultants for the usage but lets just anyone smoothly create automation workflows with absolutely zero experience in the field.
  • ActiveCampaign actively helps you to boost your productivity and get higher returns on your investment. It provides you with a toolkit for your small business that takes care of your predictive sending and content, triggers the right emails, and even messages on your website. Such features really act as a booster for small business operations.
  • It has a 360-degree Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)  that is inbuilt and helps you to optimize your sales and marketing efforts. The CRM helps you with email marketing automation as well.
  • If you’re a marketer, you know the importance of A/B Testing or what is commonly known as ‘Split Testing’ in Email Marketing. ActiveCampaign helps you sit back without worrying about anything as it automatically runs split testing inside of automation sequences and thereby ultimately optimizing your email campaigns.
  • No email campaign would give you the results you desire without the constant assessment of your performance. For that, ActiveCampaign helps you to track your progress through reporting. It lets you track your goals and attributions. This way, you can significantly make changes wherever you feel is necessary. This would ultimately help you adopt the best version of email marketing campaigns that can really drive up your conversions.

Considering the features mentioned above, ActiveCampaign can be a suitable option for your business. It is a power pack of all things necessary to fulfill your email marketing needs – Available to you at an affordable rate. Not just that, its interface is extremely easy to use and does not require you to have complex in-depth knowledge to be able to use this tool. It can really take you a step higher on the ladder by smoothening your email process and getting you results.

3. Hubspot Email Marketing Software

Hubspot can be another perfect tool for you to hit the mark every time as it is quite a reliable tool that would fit your budget needs as well.

Whether you want to send an energetic welcome email, a triggering offer email or just promote your ongoing campaigns, you can count on Hubspot Email marketing tool for that.

Let us familiarize you with some of the features of this tool which would help your business run even better than how you may be running it currently.

  • Hubspot offers you with an extremely easy to use drag and drop builder to create professional-looking marketing emails and saves you from having to invest in designers. It also has a library of templates for you to choose from, which can further save you a lot of time. To fit your business’ needs, it lets you customize those templates and tailor your campaigns just as per your audience’s taste and your business’s requirements.
  • This tool does not underestimate the power of personalization in Email Marketing and thereby helps you reach your audience in the most personalized manner, which ultimately would get your campaigns more opens and conversions.
  • It lets you make use of the email subscriber’s lifecycle in the records and suggests you the most appropriate and catchy subject line, content, attachments, and even CTA’s for them.
  • This tool also helps you set up your campaign schedules smartly so that they reach your subscriber’s inbox at an optimal time irrespective of the time zone difference so that your campaigns turn out to be effective.
  • This tool, like the above-mentioned tools, also takes away your burden of optimizing your email campaigns and runs A/B testing for you. With A/B Testing, you tend to know what subject lines would work better for your audience, what kind of content has more probability of pulling in your subscriber and what kind of Call to Action (CTA) buttons trigger action. A/B testing helps you improve engagement with your subscribers through improved versions of your campaigns.
  • Apart from that, this tool also provides you with a detailed analysis of your engagement. It helps you track the progress of your performance and makes room for improvement in your process. It gives out details like which subscribers engaged with your email, what device they were using while they engaged, the most triggering CTA’s, etc. These insights can be really fruitful and help you create new tests that will end you up with better campaigns and improved conversions.


Small businesses aim for such software that can make the most of their Email Marketing efforts and at the same time, save on the cost of employing the software.

All the Email Marketing Software mentioned above come with robust features and are available at either a low price or are absolutely free for usage.

There is no particular software that can guarantee you 100% results but what is sure is the fact that you will definitely see a difference in your conversions.

To make the most out of this software, as a marketer, before investing in any of the software above blindly, you should assess your business’s needs and chalk out your goals for your Email Marketing Campaigns.

And then, pick the software that fits your needs and your budget and then just see the magic taking over.

What are you waiting for?

Go on and get started!

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