4 Amazing Gadgets For The Avid Oenophile


No matter what your passion, it is always possible to get your hands on a few gadgets that can help enrich the love for your passion. The same is true for oenophiles; there are a number of gadgets out there for those who enjoy the flavour and subtle nuances of wine. Here are 4 amazing gadgets that every avid oenophile should have.

Vinturi Wine Aerators

Vinturi Wine AeratorsYou will have heard it a million times that it is important to let the wine breathe in order for it to reveal its full flavour. Most people think this means pouring the wine into a decanter and then just letting it sit there for some time. If you desire the wine to be well aerated, you will have to be a little more proactive than that. Thankfully, Venturi wine aerators are there to the rescue. Drawing upon the properties of the Vinturi effect, the aerator reduces the pressure of the wine flowing and allows air to mingle with the fluid. Most Vinturi wine aerators are table-top gadgets and very aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Vacuum Stopper

Vacuum StopperOnce you open a bottle of wine, the race is on to finish it before it loses its flavour. If you cannot finish the bottle in one night, you face the prospect of finishing it the following night. If it is not possible to finish off the bottle within 48 hours of uncorking, you might as well just throw the bottle out. Even the best quality stoppers can only keep the wine fresh for so long. The best way to extend the life of the wine is to invest in a vacuum stopper. Usually consisting of a vacuum pump and reusable rubber stoppers, vacuum stopper kits draw out all the remaining air from the wine bottle. By removing the air, the vacuum stopper curbs the oxidation process, which allows the wine to last longer and not lose any flavour.

Digital Wine Thermometer

Digital Wine ThermometerAnyone who knows anything about wines will vouch for the fact that good wine needs to be served at the right temperature. Serve it too warm or too chilled and you risk ruining the wine drinking experience. Temperature may not be a hugely important factor for table wines, but it is for the special bottles of wine that you pay so much for. A digital wine thermometer is a device that straps around the wine bottle and lets you know how chilled the wine is. This will allow you to pour the wine when it is just the right temperature; neither too high nor too low. Many digital wine thermometers even come with a little guide engraved on them stating the perfect temperature for different kinds of wine.

Instant Wine Chiller

Instant Wine ChillerThere are many ways to chill a bottle of wine, each fraught with its own drawbacks. Ideally, the wine would have to chill just as it flows from the bottle and before it settles into the glass. Once considered to be an impossible notion, instant wine chillers are very much a reality today. Originally made for vodka aficionados, oenophiles soon discovered that the instant chilling device was perfect for wine as well. Simply put the device in the freezer and let it cool. When you are ready to pour the wine, attach it to the bottle and let the wine chill as it flows into the stemware.

Invest in these 4 gadgets and be the toast at your next wine club meeting.

Gerard Hines is an avid blogger and likes to taste a new bottle of wine every day along with his meals. Everyday he wakes up and orders Spanish wines online which are always delivered before his dinner.

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