4 Best Widgets To Boost Your Website

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A widget is an extension that can be added to your website to perform additional tasks and other functions that can enhance the user experience. Widgets can be described as tools that can be used to help users find more information or perform a desired task.

Some widgets are far better than others, as they are able to vastly improve your website and make it more user friendly, while also potentially boosting your SEO to help you rank higher on search engines. Here are some of the best widgets any business should use to help boost their websites.


All good websites will have some form of customer service on them, and this can be as simple as adding an FAQ page. Although it is perfectly fine to do this, there are other ways in which you can implement customer service that feels both more responsive and personal. One of the best ways that the top websites are achieving this is through the use of live chats—and Smartsupp is a widget that can easily make this happen.

This widget is perfect for businesses that are selling online, be it services or products, as it makes it possible for both current and prospective customers to ask any questions they might have. Adding a communication service like this will help improve your future conversion rate, so it’s worth getting. An experienced web developer such as ALT Agency Birmingham can easily add these widgets, as well others that can make your website excellent.


Customer feedback is a great way to learn about what is and isn’t going so well with your company, and it can be used to help improve the business as whole, therefore making it more attractive for future customers. GetResponse is a widget that makes it easy to get this type of feedback as it can be used to create customizable contact forms as well as surveys.

Furthermore, this widget can also aid with email marketing as there is also a subscriber widget that can help you get more people to opt-in to your email marketing newsletters, which can be an effective way to keep previous customers in the loop and entice them to become repeat buyers through offers and deals.


Reservio is one of the most premium booking widgets that can be used to easily schedule appointments and meetings right on your website. This makes it a lot easier and more convenient for customers to book sessions, and it’s perfect for businesses such as personal trainers and tutors. This widget means that customers can schedule appointments from anywhere at any time, even outside business hours—effectively meaning that your business can operate 24/7.

Reservio syncs with whatever calendar you’re already using, meaning it knows whether you’re free or not. It’s also compatible with most CMS platforms, including Wix, Weebly, and WordPress.


If engagement on your website is low, there’s always the option of incorporating Disqus, which is a widget that allows visitors to share their thoughts and opinion on articles, posts, and pages through the use of comments and emojis. It also allows website owners to manage comments more effectively, making it easier to respond and interact with their audience or fanbase.

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