5 Amazing Latest Gadgets that will Blow Your Mind


Gadget technologies are ever evolving. It is really essential to keep a tab on the market for the latest trends in the tech arena.

Technology is evolving every other second and we as consumers do wait eagerly for our favorite gadgets to come up with innovative updates. The year 2013 has recently witnessed a wave of updates from software technology along with innovative gadget techs. Today, we will be specifically discussing about the latest tech devices that have recently hit the global market.

It is High Time to look for Latest Gadgets

1. Boom

Boom earphoneLet us first start with ears Boom. These earphones have been enhanced with a 360-degree surround sound quality and no other earphone can come close to its range of output power. The pumping bliss will make you feel as if the entire disco station has been fitted to your ears. These gadgets are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about carrying them to your pool party. Its skin is acoustic, thus protecting it from both stains and water particulates. They can perform non-stop for a range of 15 hours at a stretch. They are priced at a moderate amount of 199 dollars only.

2. Weather Station

Netatmo Weather StationSometimes, it becomes pretty difficult to sustain in a polluted environment. In such cases, we do feel the requirement of a system that can notify us about the changes in the climate with regular warnings and notifications. Netatmo has recently launched its ultimate weather station, which is enabled with measuring tools, for humidity levels, CO2 emissions, and various other weather related things. It will even alert you signals, when it is quite harmful to exhale or inhale. You can welcome healthy lungs by downloading this video. You can buy them by spending 179 dollars at any gadget store.

3. Touch Book

ASUS Taichi Touch LaptopFirst, it was desktop, and then Laptop, then Notebook and now the whole concept is about touch. Don’t be confused my friend. We are now talking about Touchscreen enabled Laptops. You can use ASUS Taichi as both a laptop and a touch screen tablet PC. The things that you will be required to do are close and open the device for enjoying its two unique services. Don’t think the device to be over priced. You can easily get them at an amount of 999 dollars.

4. Mini Phones

Samsung galaxy MiniHave you ever considered of pouring your whole world into your small pocket? If not, then do think again. Samsung has recently launched a wonderful Smartphone to their galaxy family – Samsung galaxy Mini. The camera is promising with 3x zoom feature. It is very alluring in its looks and girls would preferably love the set. By just spending 149 dollars, you can buy them from leading gadget outlets.

5. Headphones

iT7x2 BluetoothNow almost every other individual has the access to digitalized headphone systems. For people, such as you for example, who really want to set themselves apart from the common crowd can opt for the iT7x2 Bluetooth headgears. Don’t mistake them to play only solo music, there is more to them than this. They are available in a range of colors. The feature that sets them apart from others is the Bluetooth and built-in microphone option. They enable you to answer to calls in an easy and efficient order.


All of these gadgets have recently hit the market. It is very important for every gadget geek to select the ones that will help them to enrich their collection of tech devices. We would be delighted if you do share your experience with the gadgets and how they have changed your lifestyle.

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