5 Drupal Modules to Catch Flickering Eye Balls

Embed widgets Drupal Module

Congrats! You have chosen Drupal. You may be thinking what is there to congratulate on choosing this open source web content management system. If you are taking it as a normal web content management system then you are taking it in a wrong manner. Contrary to your Drupal understanding, it is an excellent open source web content management system, which can even outrun enterprise software applications.

You can make numerous websites and blogs just by using single point admin panel. Therefore, there is point in celebrating the selection of Drupal. It has cutting-edge social media integration feature. It helps you in delivering value to your online surfers. You just need to create a good site using all Drupal features in an appropriate manner.

If you have just converted your PSD to Drupal then you should install top five content displaying modules in your site. These modules are virtually known for enhancing the visibility of a website.

1. Crumbs

Crumbs are a customer-driven module for making your site browsing simple and easily navigational. You can easily customize the breadcrumbs of your website just by installing this module in your site. You do not need to define your own breadcrumb creations rules after installing this module. You can create easy breadcrumbs of public page. You can extend your breadcrumbs by making changes in the custom modules.

You can also define enable or disable rules from the admin panel. By installing this module in your site, your site visitor can easily monitor the visit and get on further or previous step without clicking on back or forward button of your browsers. Therefore, it makes the browsing simple and comfortable.

2. Contact Form Blocks

It is an innovative module, suitable for configuring in any Drupal site. It turns your site-wide contact into Drupal. In simple words, it is a perfect tool for showing contact forms at anywhere in the site, where you can display a Drupal block. You can add your contact form at the side bar that can be accessible at every page of your site. You just need to add your contact form block to any content region.

Further, you can change the blog visibility settings for showing on all pages or on a special one. Moreover, you can also add the contact form to a certain node. In this way, your Drupal contact module must be enabled.

3. Embed Widgets

Embed widgets Drupal ModuleThis is an under development module but you can add widgets in your site by IFrame format that is Google summer of code project. You can find and install intelligent widgets in your site by IFrame format. After Google summer of code project, a widget API will be developed. This API will enable the definition of widgets easy in form of codes same as blocks. It is notable point that your embedded widgets only support embedding pages and blocks in current scenario.

4. Image Zoom

It is an innovative Drupal module, dedicated to provide the feature to zoom an image just by mouse hover. You need to select image for the default display image. Moreover, an additional image and style will also be added to the site as zoomed image. In this way, the zoomed image will get present and move as per the moment of viewer’s mouse.

5. Paging: Break Long Pages into Smaller Ones

Paging Drupal ModuleIt is a simple and highly useful module for managing your Drupal site content well positioned. This module breaks long pages into smaller ones to add value in those pages. It is easy to install in your site. You can download this from the official site of Drupal.

After reading about these modules, you can choose any of these modules for your website. It is needful to understand the value added features of these modules. Moreover, you should check the functioning of your website after installation in your website. The testing should precise and based on set parameters.

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