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5 Ways to Protect Your Cloud Network

Cloud Network

Utilizing the cloud gives your business so many more capabilities, but if you’re not conscious of security, then it can also open you up to risk.

To make sure you’re keeping your valuable data safe, it’s important to have a strong focus on security and make sure you’re doing the basics well. Here are five ways in which you can protect your cloud network.

Local Backup

When we think about security, most of our focus is on other people accessing our data, but we also need to make sure we’re not losing important information.

The information we store in the cloud is often vital to the running of our businesses, which means it can’t go missing. One of the ways you can ensure this is by backing up your information locally.

If a problem does occur with your cloud storage, you will still have access to your important files.


Every extra layer of protection that you add to your data is another layer that someone who wants to access your information has to overcome.

Encrypting your data before you upload it to the cloud is a great way of doing this, and it means your information is that much more secure. You might already be using an encrypted cloud provider, but you can always add an extra layer of security by adding encryption on your side.

If you’re working with sensitive information, then encryption is always a good idea.


No matter how sophisticated your online security is, you’ve still got to make sure you’re doing the basics well, and one of the most important basics is passwords.

The better your passwords are, the stronger your security is, so make sure you’re choosing complicated passwords that you change regularly. It’s also a good idea to make use of two-step verification to add another layer of security and keep people from accessing your accounts.

Once someone has your password, they have access to a huge amount of data, so make sure you’re taking your them seriously.


If you want to run high-level security, then you’ve got to invest in the right software from companies such as

These companies specialize in protecting your cloud network and ensuring your data is as secure as possible. You will also benefit from professional customer service, which is always there to help make sure your security is working effectively.

Vulnerability Testing

If you want to know where your vulnerabilities lie, then it is a good idea to test for them. There are lots of services you can use to test your security, and the information you find out can be invaluable.

It’s great to be able to think that your valuable data is safe, but actually knowing that it is safe is better, and vulnerability testing is an excellent way of finding out whether or not your security is functioning well.

Security threats are always developing, and your online security systems need to evolve with them. Therefore, in order to make sure your security is still fit for purpose it’s a great idea to test it regularly.

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