6 Latest Smart Home Gadgets

Amazon Echo

The impact of technology can be seen in our homes as a number of high-tech gadgets have made their way into our living rooms. These gadgets have in some way or the other have simplified the way we move around our house and made quite a few things easier for us.

Through the medium of this post, I am going to showcase the 6 latest gadgets that everyone should be using at their homes. Let’s have a look at these.

1. Google Home

Google homeGoogle Home is a smart speaker that has been launched by the tech giant Google. It works by recognizing the voice of the user. All you need to say is “Okay, Google” and you are set. This is similar to the Google’s voice recognition feature that you would have used on a smartphone. Just give a command to the speaker and it will obey it for you. Setting alarms, timers, playing music and even tell you the total time that you would take to reach the office.

2. Smart Wireless Speakers

Smart Wireless SpeakersGone are the days when you had to be dependent on your home theater or stereo systems for listening to music. These days there are a number of wireless speakers that produce powerful sound. The beauty of these speakers is that you can use them anywhere and at all the time. Just connect these wireless speakers with your smartphones and carry them around. You can even convert every room of your home into a home theater by buying more than one wireless speakers.

3. Smart Home Camera

Smart Home CameraA smart home camera will enable you to keep your home secure by keeping a watch over the activities that take place in your home. These smart cameras are technologically very advanced and support some of the top-notch features like motion detection and night vision. The video produced by these cameras are of full HD resolution that will give a clear detailed view. Keeping in view the strong security aspect, these smart home cameras have become very popular.

4. Nest Smoke Detector

Nest Smoke DetectorNest Smoke Detector is among the most technologically advanced smoke detectors that are available out there. This detector is able to detect any kind of smoke and carbon monoxide that is released. As it can be connected with the smartphone, alerts will be sent where something wrong has occurred in the house. The sensors that are used in the smoke detector have a very long life and will keep you safe for close to a decade. Nest Smoke Detector is battery powered and includes six long life batteries.

5. Amazon Echo

Amazon EchoSimilar to the Google Home, Amazon Echo is able to hear and respond to your voice commands. It uses the Amazon’s AI, Alexa that is considered as the smartest digital assistance that is present out there. It is even considered better than that of Google and Apple. Some of its features include playing music from Spotify, far-field voice recognition, answering your questions related to latest weather and new from around the World.

6. Canon iP7260 Photo Inkjet Printer

Canon iP7260 Photo Inkjet PrinterIt is Cannon’s latest multifunction printer with stylish looks and plethora of features. It is specifically designed for home users. It is smart as it is compatible to use with the mobile device and digital cloud device with the help of wifi. It also has an LCD display which helps you in case you’re printing from a photo album. As it is an inkjet printer, the print cost is comparatively low. For work from home enthusiast like freelancers can use this handy gadget to make their life easier. Also, ideal for students.


7. Smart Trash Can

smart trash canIt is a smart and sensor dustbin which can be used at home or office. This technology has introduced with a sensor area covers the fields over and in front of the trash can. Once it opens, the sensor area expands, and the lid won’t close until you walk away. For a better idea, you check to try a smart trash can by aicool technology.

In The End

The gadgets that are mentioned in the above post are among the most technologically advanced gadgets that are present out there. You must try to utilize at least one of them and your home and you will see a complete transformation in the way you are going to perform your daily activities.

Did I miss any of the gadgets that should have been mentioned in the list above? Do let me know about them along with your views on the post in the comments section below.

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