7 Reasons Why e-Commerce Web Designers Prefer Magento


Magento ecommerceMagento is an e-commerce strategy that surpasses numerous other competitors in this field due to sheer popularity. With the rapid growing popularity of Magento, the majority of people find it beneficial and profitable for their e-commerce desires. This powerful e-commerce platform not only assists people in choosing the right merchandise, but also helps create dynamic websites that support transactions engaged in purchasing goods recorded on them.

Magento’s enterprise edition is ideal for e-commerce website design. E-commerce website designers prefer Magento for e-commerce portal development due to several reasons. Magento based online portals are easily affordable and cost productive. Also, advanced characteristics of Magento like zoom-in capabilities and multidimensional images of the merchandise can lure a number of customers and better prospects of products.

The reasons behind Magento being the top choice of e-commerce website designers, have been discussed below:

1. Include Significant Features

  • Magento is undoubtedly a feature-rich platform offering an incredible array of useful features and specialized tools that others may lack.
  • Magento arrives with the built-in SEO optimized features, supports international currencies and live currency rate updates, allows customers to rate and review the products, provides you with advanced web marketing tools and even more.
  • Magento development offers various tools like up sells in shopping cart & bundled products and other aspects including vouchers, coupons, comparison of products and promotional ventures that can be managed through the platform easily.
  • Magento makes catalog management simple with efficient bulk processing and import & export capabilities.

2. Easy Customization

Magento can be customized easily through theme management system that allows you to change website’s design according to your unique requirements. Numerous customizable design templates are available that can be uploaded through the CMS. So, it is easier to establish an exclusive and memorable online presence for your business.

As Magento comes with the open source feature, the designers update it regularly. This means that you will steadily get speedy bug fixes and new features as well as complete support from the Magento web community. Magento can be tailored to meet website owner’s specific needs and fits precisely the budget size as its source code is made public that entices users to participate in Magento customization.

3. Integration

Magento can be integrated easily with a number of third-party sites that are required to run an effective e-commerce website including Google,, shipping services (UPS & FedEx), major payment gateways like PayPal & and even more. Magento is highly flexible in terms of integration with various applications to be interfaced with it. The Magento platform has a far-reaching Application Programming Interface (API) that enables users to integrate it to different web applications as well as standalone applications present on the Internet.

4. Multi-store management

Earlier, it was either cumbersome or inconvenient to manage multiple stores through single admin panel. However, Magento allows each store to establish distinctly with its unique product catalogue. Also, it has become easier to manage and run online business without any obstacles.

5. Flexibility

The flexibility of Magento platform can be utilized to have edition-based solutions depending on the needs, size and budget of every online business. It offers “MagentoGo” for small-sized businesses, whereas “Magento Enterprise” serves the large and medium business perfectly.

6. Google & Magento Handshake

Google services like Google Base, Google Checkout and Google Analytics can be used with Magento that results in improved performance and better efficiency. Also, it facilitates content uploading, traffic tracking and processing orders placed by the customers. As a result, businesses can arrive with better strategies to attract target audience.

7. Developers Friendly

It has been observed that the developers find it easier to add pages to the Magento-based websites, update content, link pages to main or sub navigation, thus saving a lot of time.

It has been observed that a visually appealing and user-friendly site not only drives traffic to your site, but also entices the target audience to purchase your product.

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