Guidelines through the layout of Magento


Magento can be defined as a strong php based e-commerce platform, which is open-source in nature. If e-Commerce is all you think about, then Magento can be of great help to you. Magento offers feature-rich solutions, which can be used for a wide range of businesses across varied dimensions. There are programs in Magento for small size businesses, and large and mid-size businesses also. A small size business program is referred to as a ‘Magento. go’ version, and the later one is named as the ‘Enterprise’ version.

In the past I have worked on Magento, and I have felt that the flexibility and quality of Magento and its code base is overwhelming, it looks a decent plan to put in writing a series of hints and tips for you all, so that anybody of you who wishes to work with Magento in the near future, does not face any problem.

As an associate level e-commerce solution, Magento is very powerful and versatile, and serves to be the solution for several e-commerce related problems. Many of you can work with it pretty well, and will find it a good resource. However a an attribute, the power and suppleness the code base is massive, and therefore the processes are often a bit on the slow aspect i.e. to be precise the code syntax base is vast and therefore all those who are yearning for a little or basic search might get led to an unintended overkill. Although that I have virtually got my concepts cleared around the basics of Magento, I actually like it considering as a useful tool and it is often fairly simple to figure it out about what you are doing, or what you intend to do.

Getting started:

If you wish you can refer to the sample information displayed on the Magento website. This can be helpful for you, as after you install Magento itself and as the installation process is complete an inhabited demo store with merchandise and classes etc. is displayed on to your computer screen, instead of simply the straight blank demo store. To install Magento, you need to transfer the newest community edition installer and un-zip the folder into the document root of your website. If you do not wish the location to be introduced into a Magento folder, then move all the files within the Magento folder out into your document root, and delete the Magento folder.

Theme Creation:

Many of the users among you all would like to create your own Magento theme that you can configure up the way you want. In order to do this, the best way is to copy the items of the folder consisting of the default themes to the folder created by you, so that you can have the original ones as per your need and disposal.

Now that you have established your custom theme, you wish to understand a way to amend the layouts and designs. The primary issue that I would like to recommend you doing is within the administrator space, move to a system and then in the tab ‘cache management un-tick all the boxes. This could close up Magento’s constitutional caching. But if you are having a haul and not seeing an amendment you were expecting, it’s forever well to enter the cache management, choose refresh and save. All the CSS files, local Javascript files and images can be discovered in location skin/frontend/ default/my_theme.

The other main folders that will be of use to you all belongs to the location; app/design/frontend/default/my_theme/template and app/design/frontend/default/my_theme/layout. The guide folder holds all the phtml guide files that are responsible for the management of the layout of the assorted pages and blocks with the pages. The layout folder is th source for all the xml files that manage the contents or the outline of the page and confirm the blockings ought to go tothe respective pages where they should go. It will most likely take a bit whereas for this file setup to begin to form sense, and it is also the best way to learn is simply to urge stuck in and begin attempting to customize your own web site.


This was my basic introduction to Magento, which I hope will be useful however if it really does then my job is finished.

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