7 Reasons to Use Video in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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It’s not at all difficult to see why video is that popular nowadays. It’s one of the fastest ways for us to consume information and the best way to comprehend what we learn. Moreover, people usually find video more interesting than reading, which is another reason why it is taking over the Internet.

Therefore, it’s easy to understand why video is one of the most effective digital marketing trends. If you already have a digital marketing campaign in place but it does not include video, you might want to reconsider it.

If you are still just thinking about how to market your product or your services online, here are some of the top reasons why you should use video in your digital marketing campaign.

1. People Spend 2.5x More Time on Pages with Video

Did you know that one of the main factors Google takes into account when raking you is how much time visitors spend on your pages? An interesting blog might motivate some people to stick around and read, but most Internet dwellers nowadays are skimmers.

That’s why video is very important. Research shows that people spend 2.5 more time on pages that have video. That makes a lot of sense. If you create a simple illustrated video showing people how to do something or teaching them something, they are more likely to spend a couple of minutes watching it, than reading a 1,000-word guide.

In the end, it is a win-win situation. Your visitor has fun and learns something valuable, whereas you get a customer and a better SERP rating.

2. Shoppers Buy More Often Thanks to Demo Videos

Manufacturers and inventors who want to make people passionate about their product often make one crucial mistake. That is, they do not include videos of the product. There’s nothing worse than investing a lot of time and money into developing something and then not get recognition and reward for it because the public does not understand it well enough.

Time has taught us that shoppers are much more likely to buy a product if there is a demo video about it. For example, if you are selling a backpack, you might show all of its compartments and features on video, as well as show someone using it.

Shoppers are more likely to click the “Buy” button if they can imagine what a product will look like in their hands, which is why video is so powerful.

3. You’re More Likely to Be Ranked High on Google

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to help you achieve a better ranking on Google. I mean, who would not like to rank number 1 for a keyword with the highest volume in a particular niche?

Well, data shows that Google is 53x more likely to rank you number one for a specific keyword if your page dedicated to that keyword contains a video or two. Moreover, Internet users are more likely to open a page if they see that it has an attractive and a useful video that can be beneficial to them.

But, just adding a video to your page is not enough. You still need to think about other SEO factors and use video just as a supplement to a well-rounded SEO campaign. If you’re not using the proper keywords and good SEO tags, how do you expect anyone to find out about the awesome video you have made?

4. A Landing Page with Videos Makes 80% More Conversions

Yes, you read that right! Is your goal to sell a service or a product? You’re craving conversions but you cannot figure out where your funnel is leaking? Video is a fantastic way to prevent any leaks and achieve 80% more conversions!

The world is becoming faster by the day and people want to spend as little time as possible, while getting as much information about something as possible. That’s why around 70% of the top 100 Google searches have video in their content.

If you choose to add videos to your digital marketing campaign, you have to make sure to do it right. People prefer watching videos to reading, but they will not watch anything you put in front of them. Make your videos informative and to the point and as easily digestible as possible.

5. Video Traffic is 80% of All Internet Traffic

The chances are that you spend the majority of your time on the Internet watching videos. If that’s true, then you should know that you are not alone. People simply devour vlogs, pranks, cat videos, tutorials, and movies and TV shows.

It comes as no surprise to us that video traffic accounts for 80% of all internet traffic right now. These numbers are steadily growing, so there’s a good chance that this percentage will go up in the near future.

You can try it yourself. Try googling how to do something and tell us about the first results you received. We bet the several first ones will have videos in them!

6. Videos Improve Your Brand Awareness

If you’re selling or making something and advertising it on the Internet, it’s highly likely that someone else is doing it as well. Maybe they’re even doing it for much longer than you. With all the brands that the Internet audience gets bombarded in a day, it’s difficult to make yours stand out.

One of the ways in which you can do this is by using videos in your digital marketing campaign. The fact that 80% of Internet users remember the video advertisement they saw online speaks volumes.

An image and some text used to work before, but not anymore. Today, when the customer’s attention is the most valuable asset, you need to grab it with a series of colourful moving pictures.

7. People Want Video and Demand More of It

Last but not least, people love video! So why not give them more of it? It’s unlikely that this trend will change any time soon, so you better get on the band-waggon as soon as possible. Video is awesome, which is the main reason it is almost everywhere today—on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, personal blogs, Reddit, and so on.

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