8 Awesome New & Upcoming Fitness Gadgets


It has always been argued that an improvement and advancement in technology comes with new things that are more efficient and effective. One of the sectors that have confirmed the truth in that statement is the health sector – the fitness sector to be precise. There is no doubt that thousands of people seek to achieve body wellness and fitness every day. This has forced those who produce the fitness gadgets to review the workability of their items and produce more efficient ones. Of late, in the health and fitness world, people are talking about the latest amazing fitness gadgets.
Which are these gadgets?

1. The Fitbit Aria

The Fitbit AriaWith only $129.95, a fitness enthusiast will be able to own this gadget. The fitbit aria is one of the new developments that deliver more duties than any other comparable device. With the assistance of this device, users will be able to know their weight, body fat and BMI. It is an amazing one because one you have purchased the gadget; you will be able to determine three measurements at one time i.e. with a single tool.

2. Nike +Fuel band

Nike +Fuel bandThis is a product from and it can be obtained for as low as $149. It is one of Nike’s latest items that will make it easy to capture all the information about the athletic activities. It has a wristband that collects data on time, calories that have been burned, steps that have been taken as well as the overall athlete’s movement.

3. Under Armour E39

Under Armour E39This product consists of a compression T-shirt that has electronic sensors. It is worn by athletes so as to enable them track their biometrics. As the user completes a race, the gadget will capture information like the hearth rate, positioning of the body, acceleration and breathing rate.

4. BodyMedia CORE Armband

BodyMedia CORE ArmbandAnyone can get this from for as low as $179. The gadget is worn around the upper arm. It has 4 sensors that aids in tracking motion, the rate at which heat is lost from the body, the galvanic skin response and the skin’s temperature. Once the information has been captured, the device will then calculate the total amount of calories burnt in a specific day. It can also be used to gather information on an individual’s sleeping patterns.

5. The Striiv

The striivFeedback on the number of steps that have been taken, stairs climbed, minutes that have been spent and miles worked. It is the best device for use on a daily basis since it can be carried everywhere – it can fit into your pockets. Visit for more information. It costs $99.9.

6. Basis Band

Basis BandFor only $ 199, you will be assured of owning one. It is a gadget that resembles a wristwatch and it is used to measure fitness details like hearth rate, galvanic skin response and temperature. The information will be uploaded to a computer program where the user will get an opportunity to carry out a comparison on the exact amount of calories burnt, steps taken among others. It is an essential tool for those who wish to achieve their fitness goals. More information about the device can be obtained at

7. Valencell V-LINC Earbuds

Valencell V-LINC EarbudsIt helps to measure physiological information and real time biometric data. With this device, it will be possible to collect information such as the respiration rate, speed, and distance. What amazes about this device is that it enables users to view the captured information on smart phones.

8. Iqua Beat

Iqua BeatIt costs $179 and it can be obtained from It is a form of personal trainer that uses the Bluetooth technology. Its earphones are Bluetooth enabled and they make it possible to track the hearth rates, calories consumed as well as distance completed. Once the information has been taken, an audio feedback will be provided in real time. It makes it easy to share wellness information with others.

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