8 Examples of Fantastic Brochure Design

Deep Funk Records

An eye-catching and well-designed brochure is guaranteed to instil a positive first impression for any business. Brochures are typically the first form of advertising a potential client will see, so it is important to select one that reflects the theme of your business and includes pertinent information about the company.

A great looking brochure is one that is printed on high quality papers with vibrant, saturated inks. Text should be crisp and easy to read, and images should be high quality and a comfortable viewing size. A company logo can be added to make your company recognizable across other advertising forms. The following are 8 perfect examples of unique and creative business brochures that were designed to make an impact.

Sellwood Farmer’s Market

Sellwood Farmers MarketSellwood Farmer’s Market’s brochure is printed in a rich, earthy brown color and features other eye catching environmental color tones such as orange, yellow, and green. The whimsical plant and vegetable graphics add a creative flair and shows the customer up front what the business is about.


VespaVespa’s brochure is crafted to mimic the look of a vintage road map, which is appropriate for this motorized vehicle company. The three dimensional red sticker affixed to the front makes potential customers want to reach out and touch it, and the aqua blue bordering the logo catches the eye from a distance.

Weight Watchers 360

Weight Watchers 360Weight Watchers 360 Program’s brochure features large, easy to read print that conveys their information in a clear and concise manner. The color selection and large images make it easy for readers to understand their message without spending a lot of time reading large areas of text.

The United States Postal Service

The United States Postal ServiceThe United States Postal Service is bringing back the vintage look in their re-branding brochure. The muted red and cream colors show a visually stark contrast with the deep navy blue gives the brochure a nostalgic feel, and the retro logo is a timeless addition.

Hilton F&B

Hilton F&BHilton F&B’s brochure is clearly all about food, showcasing large, sharp images of their original delicacies. The small text is a nice contrast to the oversize images and keeps the customer’s focus on the product itself rather than the descriptive details.

Foodland’s Spring Recipe Book

Foodlands Spring Recipe BookFoodland’s Spring Recipe Book uses clean lines and a stark white background to keep its focus on the raw, fresh products pictured on the cover. The square design is the perfect size to be used as a kitchen reference, and the position of the images on the inner pages make it easy to read the recipes that are positioned closer to the center of the brochure.

Deep Funk Records

Deep Funk RecordsDeep Funk Records brings back the seventies with their retro inspired black and white brochure. The sketched images give a vintage feel to the brochure, while the bright stripes add color and contrast. The company logo is large and positioned so that it is the first thing the customer sees when presented with the brochure.

Happy Hands Barber Shop

Happy Hands Barber ShopHappy Hands Barber Shop’s brochure features a bright red diamond printed border that accents black and white images and vintage fonts. The brochure is easy to read and is free from large blocks of text. The pricing is printed on the brochure in an oversize font to make it eye catching and easy to read.

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