A Look into How Instrumental Adobe Photoshop Is for Business Growth


Digital marketing is no longer being done just for competitive advantage these days; it is an absolute necessity. It is for this reason that most growing business organizations invest a considerable amount of money in hiring the services of online marketing companies. Meanwhile, some develop their own digital marketing departments.

If a company is keen on creating an in-house online marketing department, one of the most essential components to focus on is Adobe Photoshop. This program is crucial in creating marketing content that is visually appealing to netizens.

Marketing on the Web? You Need Adobe Photoshop

According to SEO experts, online content can never be without attractive images to effectively deliver a message. Various human behavioral studies support this. Recent reports reveal that while most people have a short attention span for most of the web content they have access to, they do not mind consuming long-form content that is engaging and interesting.

It has long been a practice in the SEO community to integrate images into content for the following reasons:

  • They use it to break up long texts and provide a visual representation of concepts discussed.
  • At the same time, images offer the opportunity to simplify abstract ideas.
  • Plus, the creation of images breeds other SEO opportunities, such as press releases, search engines, and social media photo galleries.

There’s no question that pictures and other visual components used in marketing or informative content play a vital role in ensuring the attention and engagement of people viewing content online. Therefore, companies who wish to take their marketing to the next level must have employees who are highly-trained in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is Not Limited to Online Marketing

Creative companies can churn out other useful materials with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Listed below are three examples:

1. Logos

The creation of a recognizable logo is perhaps the most important product of Adobe Photoshop skills. After all, every business organization needs a logo that it can print on everything — from its company uniforms to physical marketing paraphernalia. The logo is crucial for brand development and recognizability.

In addition to brand development and familiarity, a logo also creates an opportunity for the development of merchandise. If a popular company has an impressive logo, it can expect clients or customers to be interested in any item that reflects it. These can be anything from notebooks, to coffee cups, bags, visors, toys, and so much more.

2. Representative images or mascots

It’s important to mention “representative” images or mascots, which can be designed through the program, as well. For this, the popular Asian online messaging company, Line® serves as an excellent example.

Line® has grown to be a massive empire with its roster of digitally developed Line® characters known as Line® Friends. These are adorable little animals and aliens that have become the side products of the company are greatly in demand and generate high revenues for the company.

3. Visual training materials

Adobe Photoshop-created images can likewise be used for training materials utilized within operations. Books, manual cards, and even training videos require the use of the program.

No Shortage of Possibilities with Adobe Photoshop

The impact of the program depends much on the artistry or creativity of the user. There are so many business growth strategies that Adobe Photoshop figures in — it’s entirely up to a company to fully exploit the program potentials.

Marketing experts point out that with the help of engaging images, business organizations can attract an untapped audience. Going back to Line® as an example, the messaging company continues to grow its lineup of feature characters and along with it, its target demographic.

A few years ago, it managed to lock in the most loyal fanbase in the world by creating new Line characters that represent the members of a top boy band. From this, Line® has expanded its offerings from plushies, stickers, and other kitschy items to bedding, food, and even a wide variety of furniture items.

Investing in Adobe Photoshop Training

As a form of technology, Adobe Photoshop is continuously improving. Thus, it’s a smart move for companies to invest in ongoing Adobe Photoshop training for their artists or graphic designers.

Fortunately, training is offered by colleges and premier training institutes. However, between these two learning institutions, the latter are generally better and more reliably up-to-date. Anytime there are improvements with the program, they make sure to educate the trainers right away and modify the training course for accuracy and better relevancy.

Not only that, the training is not as time-consuming as college classes. The learning program is designed to effectively cater to students who may already be working as graphic artists for companies. Thus, the training course is more comprehensive and focused, but shorter — allowing students to put their newfound knowledge into practice much faster.

Most importantly, a training course, in a cumulative sense, is more affordable than taking a course in university.

Graphics Creation is Necessary for All Growing Businesses

It does not matter what kind of operations the business has. At one point or another, it will require graphics creation and editing using Adobe Photoshop.

This is not only because it’s the digital age. Graphics creation is a fundamental component of marketing and business growth. It is the backbone of marketing because the majority of consumers are visually-inclined. Therefore, to appeal to their preferences, a company needs to capitalize on eye-catching visual elements, which Adobe Photoshop can create.

Plus, it’s worth mentioning that the best ideas for product development turn into reality much faster with Adobe Photoshop. Product designs are drawn to high levels of accuracy on Adobe before the commencement of manufacturing. And, it’s a more effective and efficient process compared to using traditional pen and paper.

And lastly, Adobe Photoshop allows graphic design, as an activity, to become part of a business’s green solutions. As earlier mentioned, editing in Adobe is a breeze. This means companies do not have to deal with a lot of paper waste when artists use the program on their iPads or computers. Additionally, creating multiple copies to share for collaborative editing or getting constructive feedback is just an email away or Cloud-sharing away.

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