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Animated GIFs – A Whole New Dimension to Content


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This famous quote delivers the crux behind “Animated Clips and Videos – A whole new dimension to Content”. Recent burst of information in form of graphics has totally changed the idea of presenting content to readers. To be a good designer, one must follow the trend.

Animated Videos and Clips are used as Product Promotion Tools. Most organizations hire people to make catchy banners, landing pages, emails to fulfill design delights for their customers. Getting people to notice your website can only be achieved if you know how to present information in an engaging way. To fuel your customer’s desire, use Animated Gifs, Short Video Clips or other more visually appealing methods to excite them. Display your Product or Service information in dimensions rather than in simple text-based. Static 1D could be helpful in grabbing reader attention.

Basically, Animated Gifs are short video segments that are normally 7 to 10 seconds long, made up of graphics, pictures or short video streams. They demonstrate the message through bright bold graphics very well. Through animations and short video clips, you can explain the working of your products as well.

To get a better idea, see the figure below:
Cut Pastry AnimatedThe picture demonstrates the working of a Pie Maker in hardly 3 seconds. This saves you 450 minutes if you would have to write 450 words brief demo on working of this Pie Maker! THINK!

Sometimes you want to show your customers something really thrilling like a deal or a discount offer.

Black Friday AnimationYou could simply use a Gif like the above figure. Interesting eh?

Your Google Plus profile picture saying Hi!

Say Hi Animated

Industry statistics show that viewers retain 58% more information watching a presentation than reading.

Presentation AnimationIf your site is related to tourism or adventure, you can do something like this:

Ship AnimationYou may place animated Gifs on landing page that creates a gallery of your products/services like:

Products AnimationThese are some real uses of animated Gifs. The basic reason behind incorporating them is that their elegant and simple designs won’t make them go unnoticed by readers. They create an immediate impression in moments. They serve as a perfect middle ground for a video and a static text.

Animated Gifs are back in action again. Revamp your website using animated Gifs. Their results are spectacular and clearly demonstrate your message in an amazing way.

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