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Art and Technology- The 21st Century Symbiosis

Art and TechnologyArt and Technology

While technology brings many new advantages to a lot of people, there are always those who are against it. These supporters of Neo-Luddism are just the next ones in the chain of those who feel the innate urge to resist anything new. The thing they accuse modern technological world the most is having no soul, just when things are starting to take a turn for the better. In fact, the latest symbiosis between art and technology shows some serious inclinations towards helping people admire and create some of the world’s greatest artistic masterpieces from a completely new perspective. Here are some examples.

Creating Art

Some may say that in order for an art piece to be genuine, it needs to be made in the traditional technique, but this is actually a really hypocritical way to look at art. Oil painting, printing press, and even mosaic did not exist in the Stone Age when the first art pieces came to be, yet you don’t see anyone disapproving of renaissance art because of it. All that matters is the end result and here, some of the latest digital gadgets like Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Eizo ColorEdge CG276 can be simply irreplaceable. For a young and aspiring artist, a tool of choice can play a vital role so it is important for them to choose wisely.

Overcoming The Distance Barrier

Another great triumph of technology and art crossover is that you can now “attend” a live performance event taking place on the other side of the world, from your very own chair. By going through the amazing Cennarium platform, you can follow a theatrical performance you would otherwise be unable to beat in high resolution and without any delay. Sure, some people claim that this will never be the same, but the difference between this kind of attendance and absence is much greater than the difference between in-person and on screen enjoyment. Instead of not being the same, simply try to look at this as the next best thing.

Next Step in Photography

The most popular art amongst the laymen and amateur artists is most definitely photography, which also makes it one of the most popular arts that ever were. Still, photography is not only a thing with the purpose of making pictures, it is a lifestyle and there are many aspects of it that could use a bit of technological boost. Coincidently, in 2016, there are so many fresh ideas in this field like recycled camera focus lens cuffs or even photo albums with wooden covers which serve as coffee tables. Needless to say, the list of these and similar gadgets is simply fascinating.

Photoshop Is Getting Smarter

Photoshop Is Getting Smarter
Photoshop Is Getting Smarter

While we are still on the topic of photography, we must address the elephant in the room. The existence of Photoshop alone has raised the art of photography to a whole new level. For this very reason, if you are willing to try your hand at this art, you must master this digital tool first. Sure, some basics are quite transparent and easy to memorize, but there are still some Photoshop tricks you should learn, which could help further improve your photographic performance. Things like selecting layers instantly, exporting them and of course scaling layer styles are just the tip of the iceberg.


From all of this, you can see that progress leaves no stone unturned and that every technological advancement is bound to benefit art as well. It’s just the way things are. New gadgets emerge every day, some of them are there to improve the quality of art, some to help you enjoy it better while some (like the aforementioned coffee table) are there just for fun. In either way, we truly live in an exciting time and this is something that every true art lover will soon come to appreciate.

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