Benefits of Using an iPad Case with a Built-In Keyboard


iPad Case Built in KeyboardIf you’re a person who uses your iPad with great regularity, you probably want a standing case for protection and practicality and an external keyboard for increased typing speed and functionality. So why not combine both, and get an iPad case with a built-in keyboard? There are three main reasons why you should do this.

Save Money without Compromising on Quality

Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to buy one thing than to buy two things. It’s no different with an iPad case and keyboard. Chances are if you buy the two separately you’ll pay more money than if you buy a case with a built-in keyboard. And if you if try to spend less you might end up with shoddy workmanship on at least one of the two products.

If you want guaranteed quality at a good price get a case with a built-in keyboard.

Furthermore, when you buy a case with a built-in keyboard, you know that your case and keyboard work together in harmony. They’ll be the same color, they’ll look good together, and they’ll fit well together. You don’t want to order a case and keyboard separately only to discover when they arrive that one’s white and the other is tan.

And you certainly don’t want to waste an hour of your day scouring the Internet to be sure that the two separate products you get go well together. If you get a case with a built-in keyboard you eliminate this consumer hassle.

Compact, Efficient, and Hassle Free

Let’s face it, you didn’t buy an iPad so that you would have a cluster of cords and devices getting tangled and mixed up in your bag. You could have purchased a computer if you wanted that. You bought an iPad for its ease and how compact and hassle free it is. An iPad case with a built-in keyboard can fold up just like a normal iPad case, but without the added hassle of an external device.

If you buy an external keyboard that’s separate from the case, suddenly you have two things to carry, instead of one, and you look and feel clunky. You didn’t buy an iPad to reach into a case to pull out multiple objects. You have it so you can pull out just one, and an iPad case with a built-in keyboard allows you to do just that.

Easy to Use

Maybe you’re thinking of eschewing the concept of a keyboard and just want to get a case. That’s fine if you rarely use your iPad or if you only use it for videos. But if you use it for constant typing-such as office work or personal emailing-you’ll want a keyboard.

A keyboard increases your typing efficiency while also lowering the possibility of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress syndrome, or arthritis. A keyboard is well worth the relatively low price, so don’t waste money on a case that doesn’t come with one.

When considering an iPad case with a built-in keyboard, just remember-you bought an iPad to make your life easier. A simple case that folds out to reveal a keyboard, with no added hassle or devices, does exactly that.

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