Evolution Of Web Hosting Services & A Huge Drift In The Global Industry


Web HostingWeb hosting services have come a long way, but with the growth of the internet it was only evident that the web hosting industry would leap up the progression scale. Web hosting is at the stage it is through years and years of technology and brainstorming sessions that would change the outlook of the internet. Web hosting as a global industry has defined a whole new meaning to marketing tools, creating the mother of all advertising and marketing strategies. But how exactly did this phenomenon arise?

The origins

The first web program ever written is credited to a brilliant minded fellow named Tim Lee. Sir Lee is the man behind the World Wide Web. That’s right, it all started by this sole mind in the year 1990. With the invention of the World Wide Web, the creation of the net’s first online server followed in quick pursuit. The initial original server was not as well balanced as the ones we see today, and it crashed a number of times before it was up and running excellent at the time. From here on out a big wide window was opened for the computer’s technological advancements.

Trial and error

The program was of course the first of its kind, hence there was a lot of uncertainty and failures were only obvious in the process. But because it was new to the world, it also meant that it was only the beginning and the first stage of what was and is continuing to be developing. This server was only specific to NeXT, so other models were unable to avail of this latest bit of technology. All this led to the establishment of the world wide consortium in the year 1994. A lot more companies realized the potential of this organization and started dedicating more resources into building new web protocols.

Keys to the future

The next stage was to extend networking IP protocols. With IT big wigs like IBM and Microsoft entering the market, web building only got bigger and better. The tools that were needed to further build this massive industry began to emerge. Web servers became more integrated and adapt, enabling for better understanding and usage at the user’s end. The hardware too was built to be much more supportive for the advancements in the software. Businesses began to expand enormously due to the attention received by the formation of the internet as we know it today.

Web servers in today’s internet age have grown from singular objects to a multitude of opportunities. New players are constantly emerging changing the whole game structure of web hosting services, providing quicker and more decisive results to its users. The web has given business ventures the perfect playground to showcase their talents, and it has definitely not gone unnoticed. The demand for web hosting servers has increased substantially, to the point where the customer base is much more than what the providers can offer. It only means good news for the future of the web hosting industry as it means benefits for both buyers and sellers in the global industry.

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