How Video Marketing through Mobile Phone can Gain Better Business Exposure!

Video Marketing through Mobile

Is your target audience smartphone users? Do you want to tap into the social power of mobile users? Well if the latest trend is anything to go by then Video Marketing through Mobile Phone/Apps can help you gain better business exposure. Each and every smartphone comes with different apps that are already installed while there are many other apps that you can install as per your use and need. So why don’t you make the most of these apps in creating public awareness about your products or services?

In today’s generation, the mobile phone is unavoidable – well that much is clear. Nearly half of the population is using smartphones and tablets and most of these users have an account in the popular apps on their devices.

1: Tweak Your Facebook Activities for Mobile Users:

The number one social media network that is used by people is undoubtedly Facebook. Well, it is so in case of mobile apps as well. But Facebook is a tough area and it is not that easy for marketers to capitalize on.

EdgeRank and Story Bump have always made it difficult to catch the target audience’s attention but there are certain ways by which you can override these restrictions.

Instead of posting a content-based advertisement of your product or services opt for the video marketing tool. Videos are a great way to attract the attention of the end user. Make sure that the track video is short, crisp, to the point and end with an action – i.e. it prompts the user to try out the products or services.

And yes in order to get the desired result you need to make sure that the video is posted at the right time of the day so as to garner maximum views. Wondering how you will know when is the right time. Simple. The instructions are there on the Facebook Page’s Insights section. Check the “Posts” tab, to see “When Your Fans Are Online.”

2: With Twitter, Think Differently:

Twitter was born from mobile. And most of its users are more active on the phone than on their desktops. In order to ensure that you can use the video marketing tool to your advantage makes sure that you use the relevant hashtag and give enough space for others to re-tweet about it.

3: Create a YouTube Presence:

The young generation swears by YouTube and doesn’t forget that they form a huge part of the buyer’s segment. They are young, lively and have fewer responsibilities and hence they are the biggest spenders compared to the other segments.

All you need to do is upload the video so that people can see it from their phones at any point in time. In order to make the most of YouTube, you need to think on a quirky line so that the video gets viral and is watched and re-watched.

Video marketing is a great tool and generally helps one to achieve the desired result but you need to know how to tap the key essential features of an app so that the desired impact is created on a short span of time.

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