How Samsung Galaxy S3 Changed The Mobile Phone World Looks At Android

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3Aside from Blackberrys, which have existed in their own, largely business oriented niche, for many years now, the first smartphone that made the consumer market really take interest was the first generation iPhone. Since then, smartphone devices have become completely ubiquitous, and regarded as pretty much a must have for modern life. In this time, Android has joined the market and offered users an alternative to Apple’s iPhones with their proprietary iOS, and the benefits associated with being able to run on numerous devices have led to a wealth of different handsets. So lets take a look at what the Samsung Galaxy S3 has to offer.

On the whole, these Android devices were thought of as kind of poor relations to the iPhone, offering some of the same functionality, but really designed for people who either couldn’t afford the iPhone or had a specific dislike for Apple. Then came the Samsung Galaxy range, including the outstanding Galaxy S3. This was the phone that really began to make even devoted iPhone fans question whether there was another option out there.

What Makes the Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been seen as the first true challenger to the iPhone for a number of reasons, most of which centre around its quality and innovation. Where other phones have tried to catch up with the iPhone, or emulate it as much as possible without infringing on anything that belongs to Apple, Samsung have tried to actually make a product that is better than the iPhone and offers features the iPhone does not. The Samsung name was already associated with great quality, with Samsung models being some of the best sellers on the mobile market long before the smartphone revolution, and they put a lot of research and investment into developing their “iPhone killer”.

How Good Is The Samsung Galaxy S3?

So, with all of this taken into consideration, is the Samsung Galaxy S3 any good? Well, this white model looks absolutely amazing, with great curved edges that give it, to my mind a much nicer feel than the newer iPhones which have become square edged and less sleek. The screen is big, sharp and responsive, and the build quality is excellent, but the real advantages of the Galaxy S3 16GB White come with its UI. Samsung have implemented their Touchwiz UI with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (which you can upgrade to Jelly Bean if you want to), and it is brilliant. Easy to use, intuitive, and with a cool futuristic feel, there is nothing not to love about using the Galaxy S3 16GB White.

If you are trying to decide on a new Android phone, it is a no brainer – get a Galaxy. If you are trying to choose between this and an iPhone, there is a lot of personal taste to consider, but you will not be disappointed or feel like you made the wrong decision after living with this amazing Samsung phone.

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