5 Tech Events for Geek Vacations

Getting away on vacation can be difficult when you're a geek, even if only because the thought of leaving all of your sweet tech toys behind can be impossible to bear, but there are a wide variety of events out...


Twitter Turns 7

A famous quotation rightly holds that “Brevity is the soul of wit” - underlining the importance of succinct expressions and carefully chosen words to convey meaningful information. It is this same philosophy that has helped Twitter owing to its 140-character...


Defining and Targeting Your Market

In order for your business to have a solid foundation, you must take steps to determine your typical customer and develop your marketing strategy around them. This is more important than ever as the economy slowly rebounds. It is a...


Hidden Costs of College – Textbooks

There is a lot more to college expenses than paying your tuition. You have to think of including everything, food, transportation, housing, some sort of social life, and textbooks. Textbooks in college can be hundreds of dollars a book, depending...


Top 10 Great Ideas To Improve Your Marketing Online

Online marketing is a recent strategy used by companies in order to maintain a better relationship with their stakeholders. However, it is important to know that the tactics that are created at present will not necessarily work over time, and...


4 Keys to Building a Social Media Community

Most social media sites are free, and because of that, it can be really easy to use them wrong. Companies or individuals promoting their websites and blogs can get overly eager to dive in, and before they know it, they...

8 Pinterest Tips for Brand

8 Pinterest Tips for Building a Brand Visibility

Interactive, visual and social – these are the elements that characterize Pinterest. This is a new social media tool where people come for innovative gift ideas, for inspirations and also for sharing their new discoveries. Its easy-to-use navigating platform makes...

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