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Tech Predictions For 2016


The year is drawing to a close and 2015 has thrown up some surprises. The way technology has changed year on year is fascinating. If you think back just a decade what did we have? iPods but no iPhone? Speakers but no Beatz by Dre? These are only two examples of products and concepts which have come to dominate the market and there are many examples. Bearing this in mind, what can we expect from 2016; what will happen, what will change and what will develop?

Apple will be Apple

Here we are talking about the market leader and a company which has more money in the bank than the U.S government. Millions of people rush to pick up their newest piece of hardware on the day of release; their products fly off the shelves, their apps are continuously downloaded and if you have a problem with your device it is fixed by a ‘Genius’, which another firm can offer that? There is a reason for this continued dominance, however, for the mass consumer market loves Apple; the easy user interface, sleek design and multi-media compatibility are appealing to the consumer. Consumers love Apple, don’t expect that to change in 2015.

There will be an Increase in Cyber Crime;

As more information is stored online, it is inevitable that cybercrime will increase. Groups such as ‘Anonymous’ claim to be carrying out attacks altruistically, but it is still a crime. As the attacks on large corporations such as Sony, Samsung and more recently the TalkTalk data hack show, criminal enterprises are not shy about attacking databases and trying to steal your personal information. Therefore, continued development in cyber security will occur and the talk of rogue states, such as the rumored North Korean hacking unit, may result in cyber defense becoming not only a business interest but a matter of national security.

Despite This, Online Purchasing Will Continue To Surge

Amazon and eBay are two of the largest internet based selling markets, and neither of these two giants’ shows any signs of slowing down. More business will continue to be carried out online as the public look for simpler and easier ways to shop online. Therefore, more and more traffic will hit online selling sites no matter what the size as people look for more products online and as their confidence increases expect more and more use of a business’ servers. It will be essential for online retailers and businesses to be in a position to ensure that their websites are able to stay active and responsive to their potential customer base. Therefore expect firms that offer services to ensure this to become more active and in demand online. One thing which you can expect to grow is managed MPLS services, something you may never have heard of, but something which may be essential offered by firms such as Masergy.

With all types of tech predictions, it is inevitable that something out of the picture will emerge, but look out for these three trends in 2016.

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