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The Cheapest Way To Get A New iPad


How to get cheap iPadThe Apple iPad is the ultimate tablet computer, letting you do pretty much anything that you can do on a regular laptop, but being smaller and more portable. They do come at a price though, and that price isn’t cheap. If you want to save money on buying an iPad, the best thing that you can do is look for iPad plus mobile broadband deals. Mobile broadband works on a mobile operator’s 3G network, giving you internet access anywhere that has 3G coverage. You simply sign up for a plan, receive a special SIM card, and slide that SIM card into the slot on the iPad. Many mobile operators offer cheap prices on iPads bought complete with a mobile broadband package. And since you’ll probably need a mobile broadband package anyway to take advantage of many of the iPad’s features, it’s not a bad idea to sign up for one of these deals. Today we’re looking at the cheapest iPad mobile broadband deals that you can get from major UK mobile operators…

With Three…

Three has the cheapest deals on the market right now. As part of your mobile broadband package you’ll get speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps, and a data cap of a massive 15 GB per month, which will be fine for all but the heaviest of users. In order to get a 16 GB iPad mini, you’ll have to pay a one-time device fee of just £59, and then a monthly fee for your broadband service of £29 per month on a twenty four month contract. To get a 16 GB iPad 2, you’ll pay a one-time up front cost of £69 and then a monthly broadband fee of £25 per month on a twenty four month contract.

With Vodafone…

Vodafone also has cheap plans, with the same 3.6 Mbps mobile broadband speeds, but their plans only come with a 2 GB monthly data allowance. This may mean that you add charges to your bill by adding more monthly data. For a 16 GB iPad 2 you’re going to pay a one-time upfront device fee of £69 and a monthly charge of £27 per month for broadband services on a twenty four month contract. Prices for the 16 GB iPad mini are exactly the same.

With T-Mobile…

T-Mobile’s prices are much higher, but this time you get the new iPad in a 16 GB version, so you do get a more up to date device. You get the same speeds of 3.6 Mbps, and you also get a 2 GB monthly data limit with T-Mobile. But the one time up front device cost is a massive £229, and the plan itself is £25 per month on a twenty four month contract. The new iPad is available in both black and white from T-Mobile.

With Orange…

We’ve saved the best for last. This Orange plan is by far the best on the market right now. You get a 32 GB iPad mini, mobile broadband speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps (faster than any other plan on this list), and a monthly date cap of 2 GB. But the best part is that there is absolutely no upfront cost at all. That’s right, the iPad is free. The monthly plan will set you back £36 a month on a twenty four month contract. You will need to leave a £50 deposit, which will be refunded after the first three months of service.

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