Top 5 Tablets in 2014


From providing convenience to entertainment, tablets have been good to consumers this year. We use them on planes, trains and automobiles, for work, leisure, online shopping and to entertain kids, anywhere and everywhere. As we approach a time of annual reflection, here’s a quick round up of the best tablets 2014 had to offer.

1. iPad Air 

iPad Mini 3(Image Source)

Whenever Apple introduces a new generation device, expectations and anticipation are at an all time high. Often times, once the product launches in the market, there can be debates on whether or not the product is better than its predecessor. Well this season, the iPad Air 2 met and exceeded expectations of improvement from the original. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any thinner and oh-so-enjoyably lightweight, it did. Aside from being powered by an impressive tri-core 1.5GHz CPU coupled with a quad-core GPU and 2GB of RAM, the iPad Air 2 trimmed off 17% of its thickness and is 32 grams lighter compared to the first generation model. One of the finest features is the anti-glare coating which reduces reflections by 55%, greatly improving the user experience of web browsing, reading and watching videos, no matter what lighting.

2. iPad Mini 3

iPad Air(Image Source)

Speaking of iPads, this year’s iPad Mini 3 was another Apple hit. Advancements to the smaller tab included Touch ID and iOS 8. The 5.3” x 7.87” size is ideal for shooting video and photography and the iOS 8 in particular allows for better and more opportunities to capitalize on accompanying features like panorama and time-lapse mode. Another major highlight to note was the superior wireless technology the Mini 3 gave users – equipped with two antennas and MIMO technology for incredible Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity performance.

3. Galaxy Note 10.1

Galaxy Note 10.1With its combination of multi-window feature and hi-res 10.1” display, the Galaxy Note 10.1 by Samsung was the premier multitasking tablet candidate. The tablet holds 3GB RAM and can be greatly utilized for taking notes using the Smart S Note application which turns handwritten words and sketches into digital text and perfect shapes instantly to help users manage life and work effectively.

4. Galaxy Tab 4

Galaxy Tab 4Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 proved to be the ultimate family tablet of ‘14. It’s designed with the whole family in mind, made apparent with a signature Multi User Mode. Each member of the clan can personalize their own experience with music games, apps and photos, all on the same device. Furthermore, it has a lightweight build and multi-window capabilities for smooth operations.

5. Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7

Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7The Alcatel Onetouch Pop 7 tablet is a favorite among users looking for a basic, budget-friendly tablet. Although the 7-inch, 1024×600 pixel and 170ppi pixel density of the Pop 7 isn’t really in the same league as its fancier competition in the tab market, the retail value of $170 keeps it competitive in the eyes of those looking for an operating tab at a reasonable price. The tablet’s 4G capable and Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system makes it easy to multitask, customize and communicate.

This year’s best tablets wouldn’t reach full-function potential without reliable WiFi and network services. T-Mobile offers affordable plans, no contract obligations, free WiFi calling and 4G LTE data packages, in-flight connectivity and more, making it a top provider to match with top tablets in the mobile market. So if you don’t already have at least one of the tab picks for 2014, go on and end the year with a bang by investing in the best and pairing it with the #1 carrier for all tablet needs.

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