Pros and Cons: Spend Smart With HTC One M8


HTC’s flagship device One M8 has won it’s share in the market in terms of its hardware and software features. While, most users feel that this is the best smartphone HTC ever made.

HTC One M8 HomescreenHere we bring the pros and cons of this smartphone that can persuade buyers to consider other devices.

Aesthetics of the device is the preference for all and it’s hard to fault HTC smartphones for this category. The smartphone has a smooth and round back that makes it slippery. This smartphone is definitely not perfect if we consider all factors like durability. It’s great performance; an improved battery life and HTC Sense’s new version are convincing enough to rank high One M8.

While, the difficult part is that it does not raise its bar enough if we compete the device with Samsung Galaxy S5. Let’s review this device by analyzing its pros and cons. Read on.


Design and Display

The backside of One M8 is rounded perfectly that it can fit easily to your hands. Each variant of the device comes with subtle lines that gives a premium look. It is available in three colors, Gunmetal grey, amber gold and glacial silver.

It has a 5” Super LCD 3 with the best viewing angles. It has vibrant colors with brightness levels, we cannot deny HTC produces the best smartphones.


The One M8 performs flawlessly without any goof-ups for daily tasks. HTC has lowered its BlinkFeed interface, made Sense much easier to navigate. The device runs on Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB RAM.


The camera allows you to click pictures without changing any mode. All you will see a shutter button, menu for more settings and another button that lets you switch modes. With the touch of couple of buttons you can configure the camera and save all settings as a preset camera.

You can switch to features like HDR, macro, panorama and manual. HTC’s Zoe camera is back again with new improved features.


BoomSound comes with full bass tones and loud music. BoomSound might not be the loudest but they have the best sound quality. The sound expelled from the speakers are of great detail.


The Slipperiest Phone Ever

HTC One M8 comes with a 5” FHD Super LCD 3 display and finishes at 146.3mm length. The device is 5mm shorter than Galaxy Note 3 and weighs 160g that makes it slight heavier for a smartphone.

Because of the all metal design, the device boasts of a slippery back. Due to its size you need to adjust it in your hands properly.

Other Features

Non-removable battery: The One M8 possesses a non-removable 2600mAh battery. In case of wi-fi enabled for longer period of time, battery life is extended to 16 hour mark.

MicroSD card up to 128GB: The device supports 128GB and in case of choose the 32GB version you can bring the total storage to 160GB.

On screen buttons: HTC this year gives standard on screen buttons. You can access Google Now any time and move to previously used apps.

Final Thought

One M8 is a great flagship device launched in 2014 with same features as that of Galaxy S5. It comes with a great display, software and hardware features making HTC proud of it.

But the company needs to focus on some features that needs to be improved and added new features that might used a long way.

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