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Drupal security

Drupal securityFor all Drupal users, it may be a matter of curiosity and surprise that how Drupal manages to tackle with all security concerns in a simple manner. Well, it will be now an open secret because Drupal has published its security release process. Now, we can understand the way official programmers and security professional deals with the issues of bugs and errors. It is an open source web content management system, which is currently being used by a big circle of CMS enabled website owners. Therefore, the process of security release becomes important for all of its users. If you are one of them then you should read further in a serious manner.

1. On Discovery of Coding Glitch

As you know, this community of open source programmers includes millions of coders and testers. They can come across a bug, while working regularly on their sites and submit the same at the official site of this CMS tool. Anyone, including the security team, module maintainers, and security researchers can test the CMS tool, find the bug, and submit at official site. You can read the process of bug submission at official site of open source project.

2. Issue Should Be Reported Privately to Security Team

It is an alarming time for every bug hunter. The bug should not be made public in any case. However, if the vulnerability needs special permissions like the ability to exploit and customize filters then the bug can be made public. In these cases, the security team at open source project appreciates module maintainers to find the resolution of these issues publicly. Technically, the publicly fixing of such issues does not show any threat. On the other hand, the implementation of fixes strengthens the coding process. Moreover, you can also read the security advisory policy of this open source project for further details.

3. Issue Will Be Reviewed

On submission of new bugs and errors, the security team tries to analyze the impact on other Drupal releases 6.x and 7.x. This is the reason why security team suggests the users to update their sites with the latest versions of Drupal.

4. Valid Bug Will Alarm the Maintainers

On finding of a valid threat, the security team mobilizes itself for searching an excellent fix for the problem. The mobile maintainers will be notified to contribute in finding the fix for the issue.

5. Maintainer Renders the Fixes & Security Team Provides Support

In order to find the solution for the bug, all module maintainers, testers, and credible programmers can avail the access on a private issue tracker to work along with other contributors. On finding of solution, the security team will provide the support.

6. Review of Fixes

After finding the fixes, the testers and coders review the fixes against the issue. It churns out great solutions for the bugs & glitches in codes.

7. Creation & Testing of Code Patches

After final review of the fixes, credible programmers create the code patches for circulation to users of this community. However, the security team at Drupal tests the code patches as per the renowned standards before sending out to the users of this community.

8. New, Versions Will Be Available On Drupal

You will get to see new version on official site of this open source project after creation and testing of fixes. From the official site, any user can download the fix and install on his or her site.

9. Security Advisory Will Be Written & Publish Virtually

After creation, testing, and publishing of fixes for the issue, new security advisory will be written and published via social wires. Every CMS user should sign up for the security announcements of Drupal and get the fixes in an easy manner.

10. All Drupal Sites Will Get New Versions

The release of new security advisory will also deploy new versions on all sites that uses this open source web content management system. All Drupal users are advised to update their versions with the latest ones. The code should be update with the recently available codes.

After reading about the right process of getting a fix from coding related bugs, you can keep your website updated with the latest versions of Drupal and get rid off with all kinds of bugs.

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