What is WHOIS and How to Download the WHOIS Database


WHOIS is a business that is well established in the field of specializing in the domain services, otherwise known as WHOIS database, WHOIS Database was founded in 1892, as back then the internet was called the “ARPANET” where it used to send messages and still does today just in a more sophisticated way.

What is WHOIS Database?

This database is great for contacting website administrators or finding them without the hassle of the slowness that they sometimes cause because they are busy and can’t get to you quick enough. WHOIS provides a number of uses including finding the owner of the website, the phone number of that owner and even the address of that particular person.

You can also find the domain ownership history to see what the owner has searched for over a course of time. This can come in handy when a parent wants to know what their child has been looking up on the internet without them noticing from the child’s laptop or computer, or when a company has a breach in security. Oddly enough, most website creators don’t know about this feature or sometimes use it incorrectly.

Who is this database for?

This database is great for security measures and making sure the web is used properly. Law enforcement agencies use this database to recover and locate millions of criminal hackers and pedophiles, and it can be very helpful in recovering missing persons as well. Cybersecurity is also a great use for the WHOIS database download.

Some of its benefits are,

  • Gaining access to valuable information that can keep company information safe and secure.
  • Important proprietary information should remain secure to reduce fraud and identity theft.
  • WHOIS can help keep these domains and sites secure.
  • One of the main benefits of the WHOIS includes registering domains that are maintained with privacy and security.

Also making sure records include active domains through the online database, that is accurate and concise.

How to Download WHOIS?

Certain websites offer the downloading of the WHOIS data. One, in particular, comes from whoisdatabasedownload.com, which is a web service company. They offer a complete download including active data for servers, social information, and contact information. The download will access active domains and gTLDs that are updated and maintained on a regular basis, which will provide the most accurate information available.

As of now, WHOIS is letting you download their complete database for both personal and business use. What this means is that you can get all or some of the things that were mentioned above that WHOIS has to offer. The prices vary depending on what specific feature you’re looking for and how much information is necessary. Whether you are, new business owner growing a business trying to reach new clients, companies needing added security, or governmental agencies trying to keep people safe; the WHOIS database download can help facilitate any efforts to and from your sites. The main key is accurate and up to date information, which is exactly why WHOIS is so important.

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