10 Ways Technology Can Help Business Save Money!


1. Internet connection

Internet connectionA good Internet connection can save a lots money in business. Many of the tips below require an Internet connection. Invest in a good ISP (Internet service provider) with large bandwidth and high speed. This will save your business money in the long run.

2. Social Media Tools Are Free

Social MediaThe world of Social Media is a world of free tools that are highly effective. Plan your marketing strategy around applications like Twitter and Facebook. Each Social Media site has a huge built in audience of potential customers.

3. Tax Software Is Cheaper Than An Accountant

TaxACTTo do your taxes, use a program like Turbo Tax and TaxACT which is Free for everyone with the limited edition. These have all the features to help you do your taxes with only a fraction of the cost.

4. There Are Many Smart Phone Apps To Help Streamline Workflow

Open OfficeThe app stores set up by Google and Apple have many productivity programs to download. These include mobile office suites that work with desktop programs like Microsoft Word and Open Office, scheduling programs that work web based Calendar programs, and a ton of to-do list apps.

5. Open Source Software Is Free

A company doesn’t have to spend a ton of money to have a full suite of office programs. Unless there is a compelling reason to buy Microsoft Office, free offices programs, exist. These include Apache Open Office and Libreoffice by the Document Foundation. There are also free Operation Systems that can be run on many types of computers. Look around and you might be surprised at what is available for no cost.

6. A Paperless Office Cuts Down On Cost

PDF filesGoing digital is a way to cut down office cost. Creating an office environment where PDF files and Internet sharing is common can cut down on the cost of office supplies. A digital office can exist many ways without using any paper.

7. Distribution Cuts Down On Office Costs

Skype and Google ChatThe work from home idea is now a reality in the current economy. Working with employees that are distributed over a wide network can cut down on the costs of running an office. Tools like Skype and Google Chat help make this a reality that is a low cost alternative to a full time office situation.

8. Use The Net To Find Alternative Stores To Buy Products

Google SearchUse the Internet to find cheaper prices for the equipment and supplies your business needs. The local big box store may seem like they have a deal on the item you need, but that may not be true. Search alternative stores from around the world to see what price is lower. Many deals can be found using this method.

9. Google Voice Can Be A One-Stop Number For All Your Phone Needs

Instead of investing in a costly phone number for your business, use a service like Google Voice. This service allows you to set up a phone number that can be answered with your personal cell phone. The customers will never know your personal information and there are plenty of features to help filter unwanted calls.

10. Monitor Energy Costs From Your Device

Energy can be a big cost for a small business. There are tools that help you monitor your office energy from your phone, desktop, or other mobile device. Various tools are available. These applications work in tandem with plugs and other devices placed around the office.

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