2013’s Photography Must-Haves Cameras

Sony RX100 II Digital Camera

Sony RX100 II Digital CameraPoint and Shoot Camera (Sony RX100 II Digital Camera)

The Sony RX100 II Digital Camera, released last year, was described by just about everyone as a game changer. When it comes to pocket-sized cameras, this model combines a large sensor with an f/1.8 lens in an amazingly compact package. The large sensor means that you can capture more detail, have more opportunity for cropping into shots, and also allows for a range of movie capture modes – including full HD.

The RX100 II is the new version for 2013, and it doesn’t disappoint. New features include a back-illuminated sensor, 3-inch 1,229k-dot display and a new connectivity functionality allowing for one-touch transfer of images between NFC devices.

It is the perfect compact camera to keep with you at all times and ideal for when you’re packing light but there might just be an opportunity for that perfect shot.

Zoom Lens: Nikon NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR

Keen to capture quick motions in your photography? This is the lens for you. Perfect for wildlife and sports photographers, the vibration reduction system brings with it speeds four stops faster than the previous model. This is great for accurate shooting, without the need for a tripod.

The Silent Wave Motor maintains fantastic autofocus performance, even while shooting at top speeds. This high quality lens is even coated with Nano Crystals, in order to reduce ghosting and flare.

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Mid-range DLSR: Pentax K-5 II

While the Pentax K-5 II is only a minor upgrade on its predecessor, we don’t mind! With great image quality, an impressive interface design, a weather-resistant body and a unique shake reduction system, this is a seriously enjoyable camera to use.

A little more expensive than its competitors, but well worth it if you’re the kind of photographer that likes to get out in all weathers!

Automatic panning head: SOLOSHOT

SOLOSHOT is a brand new outdoor video production tool which we can’t help but think is pretty cool. What is essentially a motorised tripod allows you to make sports videos with your DLRS, camcorder or smartphone, as well as take action shots without the help of anyone else.

The base and transmitter communicate with one another to make sure the camera continues to track the subject automatically, up to speeds of 140 mph and distances of up to 200 feet.

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Smartphone Accessory: iPro Lens Options for iPhone 5

The idea with the iPro Lens is that you don’t need a camera because if you’ve got an iPhone 5, you’ve already got one. The new lens system has been retooled for the iPhone 5 and includes a fish eye, 0.6x wide-angle and macro lens options. It’s great for taking high quality photos on the move, but we’re not quite ready to give up our DSLRs yet.

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Case: SKB iSeries 1914 Pro DSLR Case

This waterproof, impact-resistant case is an ideal option for storing your gear at home, as well as on the bumpiest of travels. There’s room for two large DSLRs, a range of different sized lenses as well as additional compartments for a flash, batteries, memory cards and any other kind of accessory you would care to name.

SKB are the guys to go to when it comes to protecting valuable or fragile photography gear. As innovators in case-making, they provide unrivalled protection from impacts, UV rays, solvents, corrosion and it’s even fungus resistant too – while the interior space is waterproof and dustproof. What more could you ask for!

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